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Author Topic: UFOs  (Read 6311 times)

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« on: September 17, 2006, 11:15:04 AM »

Hello Ray:
Scot from Cincinnati here......we have not communicated in awhile, but you have been gracious enough to respond to me in the past.
I think I might be one of those people spending WAY too much time on the Internet. I have been exploring UFO web sites as a form of entertainment and 99% of the time I usually laugh and just get a kick out of what they have to say. HOWEVER.......when they quote the Bible, and when I actually have the energy and the wherewith all to go back and confirm that what they say is Biblically accurate, it sort of makes me scratch my head.
Way back in Genesis....God said in the Bible  Genesis 1-26 "God made man in OUR image"......not "His" or "MY" but "OUR".  Why did the Bible specifically use the word "OUR"?
I know L. Ray Smith that you do not believe in the Trinity (Neither do I) what does "OUR" mean???
They (the web sites I have been researching) have lots to say about Aliens cloning us from other Aliens and all the stuff I am sure you know a lot about (as in where exactly did the Pyramids come from yada yada) but as your web site proclaims as seeking the truth I simply want to know your take on this matter........and trust me....I do NOT watch the Jerry Springer show!!!!! At first most normal Christians want to just laugh off these idiot web sites an move on. Myself, however,  I am interested in TRUTH (That is why I have been looking at YOUR web site for the past 2 years!)
Is it POSSIBLE a higher Life form cloned us but that it does NOT negate what the Bible tells us? I am well aware that some of the "Fallen Angels" are higher spiritual Life forms and may be responsible for some of this confusion.
Feel free to Slap me....I think I am deserving of it.

Dear Scott:
I have "zero" confidence in all of the dozens of alien theories attached to differeent sections of the Scriptures.  I wonder why all of these UFO advocates don't start calling them IFOs, seeing that they feel they have truthfully "identified" what these things really are--alien beings.  There are no alien beings that live on planets and have perfected interstellar space travel.
God be with you,
PS   That 1% out of a 100 that one gets deceived is just as effective as if he were deceived all of the time.
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