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Author Topic: Benefit?  (Read 5727 times)

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« on: September 19, 2006, 01:53:02 PM »

Dear Ray,
Thank you very much for  I went through a period of questioning my beliefs and the very existence of God until He led me to your website and answered a lot of my questions.  I'm still a little confused about the makeup of man.  My understanding is that the mind is what you think with, the heart is what you love with, the soul is your personality and all of these things are in the brain.  The spirit is your life.  Am I right?  If not can you please explain it to me.  And what part or parts will be ressurrected? Also what is the after death benefit of serving the Lord in this life?
Thank you,

Dear Michael:
Yes, you have that about right, however, we also "LOVE" with our heart, soul and mind as well " (Matt. 22:37). Don't have time to explain all that in detail as it would take pages.

God resurrected YOU from the dead--no particular "parts" as you suggest. We all have a "spirit" that returns to God upon death. That spirit, however, has no consciousness (soul) unless and untill it is united with a body. We will be given new spiritual bodies (I Cor. 15:42-54).  Upon resurrection it will be YOU that are given immortality--the same you that died.

The reward of the saved  consists of reigning with Christ and bringing the rest of humanity to salvation. You really need to read my Lake of Fire series.

God be with you,

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