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Author Topic: 2nd Death  (Read 5737 times)

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2nd Death
« on: September 19, 2006, 01:56:17 PM »

2 Thessalonians 1:9: ?Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;?


The word of the Lord clearly promises punishment and destruction for the wicked on a grand scale (cut off from God forever) following an appointed time of judgement. The Bible says that some will be raised to the resurrection of life (clothed with immortality) while others would be raised to the resurrection of death and be cut off from our Lord in a sentence so dreadful that there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Though it is unscriptural to teach that the Lord will punish the wicked eternally in an unending fire, it is also seems unscriptural to teach that these ungodly ones will be gifted with immortality as the godly are promised. It seems that the Bible teaches that these will experience death yet again (e.i. the 2nd death), which is an eternal punishment in that they will be cut off from the living; so while the righteous receive life and immortality, it seems the unrighteous will receive death. So no, I do not believe the unrighteous will be burned forever in an imaginary hell, but I do believe that after judgement they will be destroyed and cut off from the living forever.


I have always struggled with the concept of a devil's hell in that it goes against scripture as well as the very nature of God (as I understand it). At the same time, the Bible when kept in context only promises life as heirs to those who obey the will of God.


Thank you for you time and effort in studying God's word. You have been an encouragement and a motivation for me to delve deeper into the word of God in study and in prayer.



Darryl Goolsby


The Scriptures know nothing of "eternal punishment." It is "eonian cutting off" or eonian chastisement [cutting off is pruning and pruning produces MORE FRUIT].

Read my paper: "Is EVERLASTING Scriptural," for absolute proof that there is no such thing as "eternal" ANYTHING mentioned in the Bible.

God has "no end," and the saints are resurrected to "immortality." But the Scriptures know nothing of a single word meaning "endless time."

God be with you, No one will be cut off or separated or annihilated for "eternity."



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  • There are two kinds of cops.The quick and the dead
Re: 2nd Death
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2006, 01:57:08 PM »

thanks for you kind reply.

since in the scriptures we clearly see that there will be a cutting off, a separation (chaff from Wheat etc.), or a destruction as mentioned in Thessolonians and various other places; where or should i say when are these who suffer that separation, destruction, and punishment quickened and brought to life with the Lord. I am aware that there is a resurrection where ALL who are in the graves will hear his voice Jn 5:28, but I read of NO resurrection from the 2nd death.

I am also aware of the 1st resurrection mentioned in Rev 20 that specifically pertained to the martyrs saints discussed in that context who were said to be granted the priviledge of reigning with Christ for 1000yrs (does not say Christ will only reign 1000yrs). That still leave a place for a general resurrection of the rest of the dead at some later point, and it is after this apparent 2nd resurrection that the books are opened and man is judged, both righteous and wicked to either life or destruction. My question is, where is there a place in the scriptures that indicates that after this judgement that there will be another opportunity for those destroyed/separated from God/dead/asleep to awaken and be granted life and communion with God?


Dear Darryl:

There are literally dozens of things that you are failing to take into consideration in your short statements regard the resurrections and the judgments.  You are looking at "saved" and "destroyed," as if these are the only two items on the table of Judgment.   People will be saved BY AND THROUGH destruction and judgment, just as we (the Living Church of God) are being "destroyed and judged" (crucified with Christ--that's death and destruction) in THIS lifetime.

I will be covering many of these things in my future Parts in my Hell series. It would take tens of pages to explain. Can't do it in an email. Hope you understand.

God be with you,

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