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Hello all,
   My name is Sean and I'm 26.  Here's my story.   From the time i was born till i was 16 i was the happiest person i knew.  I felt very close to God and it was all good.  I believed that everything the bible said was true, so i believed there was a hell.  But i was okay with that i think because i also believed that somehow God would save/forgive people that went to hell after they had been there awhile.  But then at 16 an event happened that caused me to become depressed.  The bible was no longer a comfort to me, and really nothing much was.  Unfortunately, i am still depressed, even after all this time, although i'm not depressed over the same issue that originally got me down.   So anyways, i felt like i was getting a little bit better until about 3 months ago.  I was flipping channels on TV when i happened past TBN and saw John Hagee preaching.   In the background there was a picture of flames representing the flames of hell.  So i listened as he was telling about all the many ways there were to get into hell, and it made me think that maybe i was doing something wrong that would cause me to go to hell.  And that became a really really scary thought for me, and it got me really depressed again.  How could i be sure i wasn't going to hell?  maybe i didn't believe enough?  Anyways, so i started searching online and that's how i found this place.  And when i started reading, it was very unbeliveable to me.  But after reading what Ray had to say about various bible verses, i couldn't help but believe what he was saying was true.  And that ended my worrying about going to hell!  So i'm happy this site exists, and i'm flabergasted that most versions of the bible have such gross misinterpretations in them.  Now unfortunately i am still confused about some stuff God related, but i feel like this forum might be a good place to help clear up my misunderstandings.  You all seem like very nice people, and i'm thankful that a place exists where i can ask questions to people who believe like i do.  Thanks for reading my long first post!


Welcome to the forum, Sean.  I understand what you mean, it's like a whole new paradigm.  Good to see you found Rays site, and got away from TV preachers!  ;D

God bless,



Hi Sean,

Good to have you here.
God has brought you here for a reason.
He is leading you into the truth.

Phi 4:7  And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

mercy, peace, and love

Welcome to our family forum!
God has provided this place for His children to grow and learn in His Word - I'm sure you're here because He wants you here!
Happy journey Sean!

Welcome Sean,

I look forward to fellowshipping with you Brother,

His Peace and Wisdom to you,



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