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Thanks everybody.  I'm looking forward to learning with you all.

Hi Sean,


Don't worry about your "long post"...I am just so thankful that God has led you here as a young man. Each year that we live apart from the truth causes our first post to get LONGER and LONGER...if you know what I mean... :)

God Bless,

Yeah, Chuck, I know what you mean. I'm 53 and usually make pretty long posts.

It's funny Sean...I was led by God here for pretty much the same reason--John Hagee's nonsense! First, it was the Wonders of Hell series (and did you notice how he made the perhaps Satanic hand signal with thumb and pinky outstetched? THAT was a sign IMHO). While I believed most of what Christendom taught (went to Catholic School, church, Church of Christ Bible Study, Assemblies of God, and listened to all sorts of preachers from Herbet W. Armstrong to radicals like David J Smith and Pete Peters on the radio), I never really, really believed in hell for eternity simply because I never believed a loving and creator God would do that. Then I saw Hagee's series The White throne Judgment. I STILL believed in the rapture at the time, but that series did it for me...I knew by the way he acted and his lust for blood and hell fire, together with his fellow pharisees that craved nuking Iran and Syria to bring about such a fictitious event that Hagee had to have it wrong!

I was checking out Hagee's funding (as well as Pat Robertson, Joseph Farah [and Arab American who hates the Arabs of the Middle East and wants Israel to wipe out the Palestinians] who is editor of WorldNetDaily, Jerry Falwell and others) on the "politicalfriendster" website and came across a Google ad for Bible Truths. I clicked on the ad...it was God's Will since I had been searching for the truth for a few years about the rapture and other issues.

I believe everyone that finds Bible Truths and the forum is being led here by God's spirit. May His Spirit be with you!



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