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Author Topic: Jesus Sin?  (Read 5139 times)

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Jesus Sin?
« on: September 28, 2006, 10:32:51 PM »

> Hi Ray.
> I have been reading your writing for some time now ( about a year).
> I find them very enlightening . I have learned a lot from them.
> Though many may find your somewhat unorthodox with respect
> to what they have learned in the past, until they can prove biblically
> otherwise...........
> In my men's study group we up against the question, "Could Jesus have
> sinned".
> I would greatly appreciate what you may have to say on the that.
> God blessing on you & your ministry.
> Thank you
> Nick

Dear Nick:
My Bible Study in my home this weekend will be on: "Was Jesus Made SIN?"

I will try to put a recording of it on our Forum, and maybe post it on our home page as an article.  Some are not only teaching that Jesus could sin, but that HE WAS SIN, and that God poured out His wrath upon His Son all the days of His life, culminating in totally crushing Him at the cross. What rank and blasphemous heresy. What dirty religion!

No, Jesus chould not sin because His Father would not let Him sin. He was tried and tested in all manner of temptations as we, but yet without sin, because God was with Him in great power.  Jesus freely admitted:  "Of Mine Own Self I CAN DO NOTHING."  Nothing certainly included the ability to resist sin. The answer to your question is a no-brainer if one will just believe the Scriptures (but who does that)?

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