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What's up, fellas?

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Hi Jim,

It is always good to see someone new on the forum.
It is indeed unusual for God to open the eyes of someone your age.
You should be very thankful for the knowledge of the Truth.
Hope you will post any questions you have,
someone here should be able to give you an answer.
The more you stay in His Word, the more you will stay out of the world.

mercy, peace, and love

Jim, you are such a welcome one here and remarkable, too, that you have been given a lot of wisdom so young. I didn't want my two kids in a Christian School because all those kinds of schools out here are Southern Baptist and they always seemed to me to be too self-righteous and uptight with their dress codes, student behavior and what not (and actually I heard some almost horror stories about some of them out here in far west Texas, where fundamentalism and legalism is king), nor having taught in public school did I want them there. So I homeschooled them both, but NEVER used a Bible curriculum (again, the homeschool materials were from a Southern Baptist perspective), I just had them mainly read the "red letters" of Christ's words. So you are going to have to deal with the heresies they spout there... perhaps "in one ear and out the other" which is what I had to do when I went to Catholic school grades 1-4 (and then my parents decided to get me out of there before I drove them nuts about it) where, would you believe, I was once told I was going to hell because I ate food an hour before "Comunion practice" [at the time one must not have aten 3 hours before!]!! Plus, my mother was Catholic but my dad was Episcopalean and forced to convert to Catholicism. I'll never forget the discussions around the dinner table about the Pope's "infallibility"! Anyway, ritualistic stuff never got me down and don't let it get you down. God knows what's in your heart. May your God-given wisdom increase!

Deb aka "snorky"

I'm retarded and cannot figure out how to introduce myself. So, I just replied to one of the new guys...
I'm new to this or any other forum. Just wanted to say HI.
Started reading some of Ray's things 2 yrs ago. And I must say, I thank God for his web-site!! It taught me that it is OK to question. I was bound very tightly in "traditional christianity" and could not get answers from my friends/family/pastors. I will admit -- I don't agree with EVERY thing Ray says ( I guess if I agreed with everything he said, I'd be him!!) ;-) But I enjoy discussion and embrace totally the idea that there is no eternal damnation!!
Hope nobody minds if I share other thoughts I might have on various topics......
My "code" name is justifyothers...It doesn't mean I always do, but it serves as a reminder to me that I should!!

Hi Jim --
Sorry I used your post to introduce myself. Didn't know how otherwise!
Welcome ! And you can welcome me!!;-)

Nice to see someone so young in the world of free thinkers!! Got out before they really sucked ya in, huh?
Just kidding (kind of) Christianity is full of many wonderful people who beleive they are doing the right thing and living the right way. And we are not here to tell them they are not! That said, it is good to ask questions and follow the Spirit.  Just ask God for His will in your life and follow your heart!  You may be surprised where it takes you and the questions you ask!

Thanks for the welcomes, guys. 

lolz, it's funny how everyone has there name at the end of their post.

Hm, I feel special to know the truth at a young age.  Now I have the rest of my life to continue learning truths of the bible, that is, if I live for a long time.   ;D

@ Kat: Pen Spinning isn't a northern thing, it's a global thing.


Watch the first video, and then you can watch the next 2 also.

@justifyothers: Heh, I don't mind you using my topic.  Uh, welcome, even though I just got here.


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