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Author Topic: Elect?  (Read 5654 times)

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« on: October 02, 2006, 11:16:07 PM »

Thank you for your work.
Is there an article or book I can look at which will discuss "The Elect" found in the new testament from the universal salvation perspective??
Are "The elect" the sheep that Jesus talks about which will be seperated from the goats??
If so can someone be one of the elect(sheep) and then lose his way and then at the judgement be placed not with the sheep but with the goats??
Sorry, I don't write very well but hope the above makes a little sense.
Thank you again for your work.

Dear Kelly:
Those whom God has foreordained to be the elect will always be the elect. The chosen elect cannot be lost.  But you and I do not know exactly who is and who isn't an elect. Only God's knows those who are His, and therefore, we can never let down our guard, because we might only think that we are elect.  I have seen and witnessed this with my own eyes where those who appeared to be elect, turned and now blaspheme the name of the Saviour they claimed to worship a short while back.
Sorry, don't know of any books that you can read on this subject.
God be with you,
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