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Author Topic: Help me change  (Read 4667 times)

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Help me change
« on: October 02, 2006, 11:21:24 PM »

Hi Ray,

      I'm hoping you can help me solve my problem. I'm trying to change my sinning ways to become a better person but I have a problem. I would say in my mind I'm going to stop doing a certain sin and for awhile it works but than I land up doing it again. The real issue is that in my head I have good intentions but I can't change who I am on the inside. I was hoping that you can help me answer how do I change who I am on the inside because I've tried thinking of ways to change but on the inside I remain who I am. What I really want is to become a better person and follow Gods rules but this has been holding me back and I've read your material on the carnal mind so how do I over come the carnal mind. I know I'm asking two questions one being how I change on the inside and the other being how do I over come the carnal mind but this is a problem I can't solve and am hoping you will enlighten me.
    Your time is appreciated and I am greatly thankful for you taking your time to read this email.
    God Bless You, Matthew

    Dear Matthew:
    Sorry, Matthew, I certainly cannot tell you how to change your life on the inside. I can tell you Who can, however. That would be Jesus Christ. It is much easier to contact Jesus from your home than it is me. You don't need a telephone or a computer. Just talk to Him just as you are talking with me. Ask Him how to do what you desire.  Anything I tell you would be what I have learned from Christ in my own life.  It will differ from person to person. Only God can change you on the inside. It is foolishness for me to try and tell you how to change. It requires a miracle from God. Go to HIM!
    God be with you,
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