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Author Topic: Faith  (Read 5641 times)

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« on: October 04, 2006, 01:17:52 PM »

> Greetings Ray,
> I've emailed you before in the past, and I thank you for not only responding
> but also for being so prompt. I also want to thank you for doing what you're
> doing. You're the reason I came to realize that ALL WILL (EVENTUALLY) BE
> SAVED. I guess you're the vessel God used to show that to me. But I have a
> problem Ray, In fact I have many problems but my main problem is myself.
> You see, even though I see 'The Truth' of Scripture, and in my heart I
> believe in God and I often get in heated debates with Christians who argue
> that God will 'FAIL AT SAVING THE WORLD' and even though I do nothing but
> quote Scripture with a few of my own words they call me 'sick' and say that
> I 'need help' and that I need to 'get saved, like them' etc... I still
> sometimes have doubt, and I still do some of the nasty things I used to do
> in the past, and when I get angry I could be filthier than a sailor when it
> comes to swearing.
> So what is my problem Ray? I want to change, I want to quit smoking
> completely and at least ease up on my drinking but I don't have enough will
> power (...and I know I don't have a 'free will'). So I don't really expect a
> response, I know you're very busy, but if you could pray for me once I'd
> really appreciate it. Since I'm struggling to even go on living. And that's
> not even the tip of the Iceberg. But this has already gotten far too
> lenghty, so I'll stop here.
> Thanks in advance,
> S

Dear S:

No, S, you have enough will power, but what you don't have is "faith."  Will power is a destroyer of faith.  One doesn't need faith if they have the "will power" to do things without faith. I am sure you see what I mean.  All the will power in the world will not move a blade of grass if God doesn't want it moved, however, a tiny amount of faith will move a mountain. So the natural question now becomes:  HOW do I get this kind of faith?

Actually, you can never "get" it;  you can only "receive" it.  Don't you just hate it when I talk like this?

But it's the Gospel Truth as they say.  Faith to trust God to do His will is a gift from God Himself, and that being the case, I cannot show you a short cut or make God give you that faith (See Eph. 2:8).  You must go to the Source, God, and ask Him.  When you come to the place that you know for a fact that you will never overcome your sins, you will be in a good position to beg.  "Oh that I might have my request; and that God would grant me the thing that I long for!" (Job 6:8).  Job called it a "quest," whereas I prefer the word "beg."

B-E-G   God to grant you true repentance and victory over your sins and vanity!!  And yes, I will pray with you!

God be with you,


PS   In the mean time, don't try to convert others to the truth.  Most people don't want to HEAR sermons:  they would rather SEE a sermon.  Right now, they maybe cannot hear you because of what they see in you.


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  • There are two kinds of cops.The quick and the dead
Re: Faith
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2006, 01:24:57 PM »

This is a good answer, and puts into words my thoughts.

 If I lust after pretty women, smoke or you name the poison.  I could use my willpower to quit and maybe be successful outwardly, but if the urge is still there I've accomplished nothing.  It is only God that can take the urge away.  It's sad that christianity teaches that if we say a 15 second prayer and clean ourselves up on the outside then we are fine with God.  That couldn't be further from the truth, they don't have a clue what faith is about.

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