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Author Topic: Wife?  (Read 4009 times)

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« on: October 12, 2006, 11:28:05 AM »

Hi Ray,
Just writing to let you know how I am doing. It's wonderful to know the truth about God's plan to save all mankind. I had stopped going to the building(church) and as I expected I was soon to face some opposition by the "building" group. They would call or come to my work or go to my house to ask why I had stopped going to church. I would explain to the scriptural (John 4:19-24 for example) why I had stopped going to church (sorry the building) and that God is the Savior of all. They would say foolish things like: That's the doctrine of devils and it surprised me when I heard this, until I read  that even Christ (Mat 10:25)  and John ( Mat 11:18)were called devil.
One of them claimed that the reason I stopped going to church was because the devil had grabbed hold of me. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The really stinky part of all this is that my wife believed them and not me or the words in the bible. She cried her eyes out (figuratively speaking as if you didn't know). Fact is I took her to the building this past weekend and I feel out of place and I noticed the confusing message that was being given that I had not heard before. I really felt like everybody is playing church. Little by little I have showed her more scriptures about what is done at church is what Jesus Christ called: hypocrites.  My wife says: "I just feel I had more faith when we went to church."
I don't want her to lose faith and I don't want to have a household that is divided. And I don't want to go to the building to worship. It is not necessary.
Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to help my wife see the light? Maybe just a few words of encouragement would be enough. 
I am looking forward to what you have to say.
This to shall pass right? Could it be that this is necessary to happen so that we both learn? Write soon.
God Bless

Dear Ricardo:
I can only tell you what I have told many other men:  Don't even try to help, argue with, convince, etc., your wife into believing what you believe. Just BE the very best husband that ever was. There is nothing that will do more to prove to her the truth of your religion than to see it in action rather than to hear your clever arguments. I realize that this is almost impossible for the average husband to do in your situation, but trust me when I tell you that nothing else will work.
God be with you,
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