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Author Topic: God Changes Mind?  (Read 5770 times)

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God Changes Mind?
« on: October 12, 2006, 11:30:54 AM »

> Hi Mr.Smith. My name is Anthony C. Farmer Sr. I would like to
> say since I've by the grace of God came across your web-site
> it has been a blessing to me. I thank God for the revelation
> that he has blessed you with. I like the way you back every
> thing up with the word of God. I fill it was the grace of God
> that I came across this blessing of a site. I have also been
> referring your web site to family and friends. God said seek
> and ye shall find. I was searching and I found. I also
> believe that God uses certain things for seasons in ones life.
> By study from your site I believe that I can understand the
> meat of Gods word and I thank God for the understanding He
> has given you. Thats why by faith I know I'll get and reply
> to this e-mail. After reading so much of you letters and
> teachings, I came to a point where I felt I didn't know what
> or how to pray because the teachings where so strong all I
> could to was meditate on the revelation God was giving me.
> With that beging said, you stated in your teaching on prayer
> that God never ever changes his mind. Know I may be wrong,
> that why I took the time to send you this e-mail by faith.
> Exodus:32:10,11,12-14
> In this passage Moses clearly gets God to change his mind
> about destroying everybody and starting over with Moses. v11-
> but Moses pleaded with the lord his God not to do it. v12-
> Turn away from your fierce anger. Change your mind about this
> terrible disaster you are planning against you people.
> V14- So the lord withdrew his treat and didn't bring against
> his people the disaster he had threatened.

Dear Farmer:

So God made a mistake?  He thought that He would destroy Israel, but He was wrong?  He determined the very best course of action to take with Israel, but it was ill-conceived?  He had to relent?  He had to back down?    He had to be shown true love and righteousness by a carnal minded sinner named Moses?  It took His Own creature to show Him the way?  Moses had more wisdom than God Almighty?  God got frustrated?  Moses kept his cool?  God lost it?  Moses was more mature about the situation and was successful in showing God the error of His way? Do we think that God continues to make such rash and quick-tempered judgments to wipe out whole nations before He thinks things through thoroughly?

"For who has known the mind of the Lord? or who has been His counsellor?" (Rom. 11:34).  Answer?  Why MOSES, of course.  Moses became God's counsellor and set Him back on the straight and narrow and salvaged a whole nation from the indiscriminate wrath of an uncontrolled God. Not?  NOT!!!

How foolish.   "God is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should REPENT"  (Number 23:19).  God wanted Moses to come to the rescue of Israel. God SET HIM UP for this very thing. God KNEW that Moses would come to the defense of his people, and this is precisely what God predetermined that Moses would do. God had no intention of destroying Israel at this time.

"So Yahwah showed MERCY [Heb:  'nacham']  concerning the evil which He spoke of doing to His people"  (Ex. 32:14, Concordant Literal Old Testament).

God be with you,

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