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Author Topic: Curse  (Read 4689 times)

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« on: October 15, 2006, 11:23:36 AM »

    Hi Mr. Smith,

    Iíve been listening to your audio sermon on repentance and wishing I could have heard part B and C which were forthcoming.

    Anyways in your last installment on hell, I was challenged by many of your observations.

    The one question I have in regard to this article is when you mentioned the scripture where the disciples asked Christ whose sin has caused this man to be blind.

    As I recall you attributed there questioning Christ this question to the fact that they were influence by the Egyptian culture which believes in transmigration.

    No doubt they were influenced and history shows this clearly however in this instance I would have to think that they were thinking of the book of Ezekiel where he mentions that the sins would be visited from generation to generation as a generational curse as opposed to a transmigration curse. I need some clarification on this if you have a chance! Perhaps Ezekiel was influenced as well; I donít understand the historical aspect which may help me understand this.

    Ok thatís one small point Iím not clear on and something Iíve always wanted to ask you. What is the 1000 years as 1 day and 1 day as a 1000 years have to do with wisdom as it suggest in Godís word ďhere is wisdomÖ!

    I have a theory at best as to why this is in Godís word and I believe it has to do with time and chance and how God operates so that He can be the Sovereign author of all things including time and chance. Again if you could shed a little light on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.

    I thank you for your great efforts; Iíve really enjoyed all of your articles and now the audio and written articles of Mr. Vinton as well. I feel like Iím in school which we are in a way. I must say Iíve never been the ideal student with my dad having been my high school teacher. It was the preacherís son syndrome for me and I did not want to learn or listen.

    One last thought, I donít know if you listened to your sermon on repentance, but I was killing myself laughing, God has given you a great sense of humor. We need to laugh life is so full of difficulty sometimes humor is a great anecdote.   

    Sadly I lost my dad in September of this year and I can very gladly tell you that your articles on hell helped me confirm in his last days more assuredly that hell is a big hoax. God had been already working with him to see this, and it gave me great comfort to know that his mind was not consumed with this burden. God was so merciful that he died in his sleep with what appeared to be a very peaceful transition.

    Anyways God bless and I hope to see you all sometime down the road at one of the conferences!

    Take care,


    Dear Tony:

    Sorry to hear you lost your Dad.

    Your question on the 1000 years as a day is to involved to cover in an email.

    As for your suggestion that the blind man may have been the result of a generational curse, that cannot be the case as they first asked whether or not THIS man, the BLIND man, sinned.  How could "he" have been the cause of this blindness BEFORE he was ever born?  This is proof that they believed this very blind man, lived before, in the past.

    God be with you,



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