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Author Topic: Temptation  (Read 4546 times)

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« on: October 17, 2006, 11:10:45 AM »

 Mr. Smith, I just emailed you minutes ago reguarding Jesus being tempted but did not sin. I believe God just revealed to me that Jesus was tempted from his heart to (lust after a women) I'm just using this as an example, but said no to Satan, the lust  and therefor did not sin. Is this correct. I now believe God is now helping me understand and remove this lust thing which I am dealing with, as you may know from a recent email I sent you yesterday, after a prayer to God with a confession to my wife last night. He is helping me get to the root of this problem. Is this lust a sin that can be cured by a continuation to deny self by saying no to lust or must the desire to lust be removed by the holy spirit like smoking was for me or both? One day there was the desire and the next day it was gone. 

Dear RB:
Temptation us usually translated from "peirazo" and it means to test, scrutinize, prove, examine, etc.  None of these things are "sin."  When a man sees a pretty girl, the first thing he does is look. This is not a sin, in and by itself.  However a temptation has been presented and the man's mind is now presented with a couple of options:  [1] continue looking and examining the lady's body in a sexual, lustful, self-gratifying way, or [2] realize that this is a temptation that could lead to lust and sin, and therefore LOOK AWAY.
The temptation is not the sin.  It is not rocket science to understand. Someone offers you a large amount of money to tell a lie.  You think to yourself "with that money I could pay off all my debts, but to get it I would have to lie and lying is a sin, and I refuse to sin." You then say, "NO, I will not lie for money."  You did not sin. The temptation presented itself, you understood it, you evaluated it and took the high road by not giving into the temptation to the point that you  [1] began to actually lust for the money, [2] agreed to offer, and [3] carried it out by telling the lie.  When James says "lust," the word really means "desire."  And so, notice what he says,
"Then when desire has CONCEIVED, it brings forth sin...." (James 1:14).
If there were zero desire attached to a temptation, then there would not BE a temptation at all, but Jesus REALLY WAS TEMPTED.  He just wouldn't allow Himself to begin fulfilling whatever the desire may have been.  I can always be tempted by a good chocolate cake or good ice cream, but I often do not give in to the tempation, because I know that I don't want to gain more weight or whatever the reason may be for denying it. Having a desire to look at a beautiful woman is not a sin unless one gives in to where that desire will naturally lead, and allows sin to conceive.
God be with you,
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