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Author Topic: Spirit  (Read 5735 times)

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« on: October 17, 2006, 11:25:43 AM »

> Hi Ray,
> In an e-mail to Tami, who asked about her dead husband, you wrote:
> "Man is composed of two vital components: a body and a spirit. No body,
> including animals can live without spirit. When the spirit from God that He
> gives all humans unites with a physical body, the result is "living soul." When
> God created Adam of the elements of the ground and breathed in his nostrils the
> breath [or ruach--spirit], the man became a "living soul." We only live--think,
> feel, taste, hear, smell, talk, create, love, etc., because of the result of
> body and spirit. The soul does not exist in a vacuum or by itself without the
> body and spirit. At death, the spirit is taken back by God, and the body returns
> to the dust. There IS NO SOUL in death. The sentient person with his
> personality, characte r, and consciousness will only revive when God reunited our
> spirit with a new body. This happens at resurrection, which is yet future. Your
> husband has no consciousness now, as he is figuratively speaking, ASLEEP. And
> only God can wake him up again."
> Does that mean the spirit alone has no consciousness? If so, then how is
> God--who is Spirit--conscious of anything?
> Bethany

Dear Bethany:

Absolutely it means that the spirit has no consciousness of its own. This can easily be proved and has been proved millions and millions of times. When a person is knocked out with a blow to the head, there is absolutely no damange to the spirit within man, whatsoever. Yet under this condition person knocked out HAS NO CONSCIOUSNESS. He possesses a spirit, but HAS NO CONSCIOUSNESS.  His physical body must be "repaired" or "normalized" in some way for consciousness to return.  The spirit may well be keeping the knocked out person alive, but yet, he has no consciousness.

I never said that no spirit has consciousness. OUR spirit has no consciousness. God IS Spirit and God is conscious, but we are NOT GOD. We only have a form of spirit in us to keep us alive. When converted God gives us yet ANOTHER SPIRIT which is called the HOLY Spirit, and it effects out consciousness, but does not keep us conscious at death, as that requires resurrection.

Notice I Cor. 2;11--"For what man man knows the things of a man, except [for] the spirit of man which is IN HIM? even so the thngs of God knows no man, but the Spirit of God [in him]."

It is only when "the spiritof man" is "IN HIM" that he has consciousness and "knows the things of a man."  OUT of him, the spirit of man knows no anything:  "For the living know [when the spirit is still IN man] that they shall die: but the DEAD [when the spirit is returned to God--see Chapt. 3:19-20]  KNOW NOT ANY THING...."  (Ecc. 9:5).

God be with you,

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