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Author Topic: Eternal  (Read 5470 times)

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« on: October 22, 2006, 10:25:02 AM »

    First I would like to say that I admire a person that isn't brainwashed like the majority of humanity, but even then who can really say if he/she is right or wrong? As far as God goes He chooses among us who will possess His knowledge, sure, but there's still the question of how is man to ever know if he/she actually has been given the Truth by the Lord?

    That isn't my question though, so don't worry about it. I've spent quite a bit of time looking through some things on your site, and you seem to be of the opinion that Jesus will save all of mankind (I will not claim anything you have presented as the absolute Truth, because who am I to know, lest the Lord informs me. And even then, who am I to know if it is truly He? Enough of that though you get my point).

    Naturally I've done my own soul-searching and scrounging for information on the subject of what becomes of us on the other side, but I can't sympathize with any of it (you know why, I don't know wh at is actually the Truth). I've also read books from Scripture at random when I felt inspired to peruse a new one, and up until now it really was hard to say that there is eternal punishment for the wicked (which I never saw directly stated in the Scriptures).

    (As I would greatly appreciate your insight in a reply)

    I read the Gospel according to Matthew last night, and noticed right there in black and white that the last line of Matthew 25 (25:41, the corresponding material about the judgement of the nations began at 25:36 where the righteous were gathered at the right side of the Lord, and the wicked were gathered at His left) said the righteous will be given eternal life, and the wicked will be given eternal punisment.


    Please enlighten me on t hat, as there isn't any way to misinterpret it. The last two words in bold were indeed there (the version I was using was The New American Bible, and for all I know you might think it was a translation error).

  Dear Reader:
    Of course there is "a translation error" in this verse.  Maybe the worst single verse translation in the entirety of the Bible.
    Here are the words for this verse from an Interlinear:
    "And shall go away these into a cutting-off agelasting [eonian]; the and just ones into life agelasting [eonian]." (Matt. 25:46).
    The words "everlasting" (used in the King James) and "eternal" are nowhere found in this verse of Scripture. The word translated thus is "aionios" both times in the Greek and it means "pertaining to an aion, and an aion is AN AGE, not eternity. The word "punishment" is also not found in this verse of Scripture. The word properly translated "punishment" is used with reference to sinners but ONE TIME ONLY in the entire New Testament.
    The word here comes from the root "to cut off" as in "pruning."  Now when we prune a tree, it is not for punishment, nor is it to harm to to kill the tree, but to enable it to PRODUCE MORE FRUIT.  The same is true of this verse. The wifked will be "pruned" -- more properly translated "chastening," which means correcting, teaching, etc. And this will be done "eonian" or "agelasting," not for eternity.  Likewise the reward of the saved is not "eternal life," as the word "eternal" is totally foreign to the Bible. It too is "eonian life" or "ageabiding life."
    We are promised rulership with Christ in His Kingdom, and Christ rules for the "eons" not for eternity (I Cor. 15:24-25).  Jesus reign only UNTIL He puts all rule and enemies under His feet. We also stop reigning at that time. Our "eonian reward" ends. Our life doesnot end, however, but it is not because we were promised "eternal" life, for we have been promised no such thing. But rather we continue to live after the reign because we have been given "immortality" (I Cor. 15:53), not "eternal" life.
    God be with you,

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