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Author Topic: Comment  (Read 2743 times)

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« on: October 22, 2006, 10:27:27 AM »

    Hello Ray,
    I really thank God for your life and your insight into scripture. My prayer is that God continue to bless you. Couple of comments/suggestion I have for above subject. I read part 1 and 2.. and I believe its scriptural.. Crux of message being that God wants 100% of us, not just 10% and most importantly our pure undefiled heart. I agree.

    The comment or suggestion I have for you in your write ups- (haven’t read any others  yet, this is my first) is as follows. Eph 4;15 said we should speak the truth in LOVE. If one see’s a brother or in this case the Body of Christ doing something wrong and as God has given one knowledge in that area.. one should endeavor to share it in Love. This is what I mean... mentioning names of people and outright implying they intentionally lead people astray could be wrong. Leave Him and God, Let God be the judge. There are lots of preachers out there that are doing Gods work for personal gain, no doubt, But there are also people who preach the word  in sincerity and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. For example, some of the missionaries you mentioned also believe in tithing (does that mean they are not doing Gods work or misleading people. – All it means is that they don't know yet.) In fact majority of the body of Christ worldwide believes in tithing. 
    My point it, always share the truth in Love. God is the JUDGE; He knows the intent of the heart of every man. I always say this – being a preacher is probably the toughest job in the world, because every preacher will give account to God for what they preach to their flock because those things we say on the pulpit affects lives. BUT I have always stayed with this, no matter how deep the truth is “ Always share the truth in LOVE”- Eph 4;15
    Grace and peace with you (Amen). 

    Dear Reader:
    I appreciate your good intent, however, I sincerely (in LOVE) believe that your are also wrong in suggesting that I do not do what I do in love and that naming names, etc., is a sin.
    If that be the case, then our Apostle Paul is in BIG TROUBLE with His God, seeing that they named numerous names of those who taught heresy and caused devision.  Furthermore we are INSTRUCTED to "Expose those who contradict it [it being the True Doctrines of God]" Titus 1:9 (See Concordant Version nd New Revised Standard Version).
    I do not "judge" these men: I EXPOSE THEIR HERESY!!  I have repeatedly stated that many of these lying two-faced false prophets and hypocrites have very plesant personalities, etc.
    I think that I shall continue to do what God has called me to do, but thanks anyway.
    God be with you,
    PS   Don't have the time to comment on those who are "sincere," but teach heresy.

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