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Author Topic: Faith  (Read 5490 times)

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« on: October 22, 2006, 10:33:18 AM »

> Hi Ray,
> I am a newbie to your website. As of late, I have been all over the
> board with my beliefs. I went from a childish blind acceptence of my
> church (methodist) to a slightly more conservative perspective with more
> emphasis on (dont cringe) literal interpretations.
> However, due to certain circumstances, I am at a crossroad in my life.
> I am a senior in college and I have been taking some religious studies
> courses for the fun of it (Western Religions, New Testament, and
> Christian Thought). These courses have blown my mind.
> I appreciate the academic stance my professors take when teaching. As a
> result, I see how the Bible, and it's dominate stories, can be easily
> corrupted by man. In fact, the very historical authorship and
> compilation of the b ooks in the entire bible (old and new testaments)
> were decided by man. In short, I am starting to seriously question how
> much of it was directly from God, and how much of it was put in for
> various human agendas. (For example, can you tell which came first?
> Plants or Man/animals? There are two different accounts in Genesis).
> Unfortunately, the classes have made me step back and examine my belief
> in Jesus Christ. My whole life I have been praying to Him...but I now
> find myself questioning certain things (maybe for another email). All I
> can say is that it saddens me that I have become so speculative.
> I enjoy the perspectives you offer on your website. As of now, I am
> still unclear on your view of death (I really liked the commentary on
> Sheol) heaven, Satan, etc. I'm sure this will sort itself out as I read
> more...maybe you can direct me to an article?
> Last, from a debate standpoint (I take many classes of this
> nature...such as Argumentation and Advocacy and Negotiation and Dispute
> Resolution)'re arguments are very soundly put together. You have
> a very theoretical way of cutting underneith an opposing argument. I
> enjoy how you frame the tenets of your arguments in a manner that your
> opposition must agree with what you say until they inevitably (sp?)
> agree with your counter point.
> Well, I am almost late for class (new testament!)...hope to hear a word
> from you.
> Sincerely,
> Justin

Dear Justin:

The two sections of Genesis merely emphasize things from different perspectives. Chapter two is not suggesting that the animals were created chronologically AFTER Adam was created. So help me I don't even see how people have a problem with things this simple. Millions of times in history and story telling these exact same principles are used in books, stories, movies, etc.

The faith is not for everyone. The person who is waiting for scientific proof that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, will be waiting till Kingdom come--however, not too much longer after that.  I receive hundreds of emails from people who want me to prove to them that every word of the Bible is inspired by the Creator of the Universe, and then they want me to show them how to be healthy, happy and wealthy.  Sorry, can't do it.

Read the material on our site. Read ALL of it. Maybe some of it will "rub off" on you.  I personally have my faith strengthened by reading Paul's epistles. You see, I know in my heart of hearts that Paul is not a phony, a liar, a charlatan.  Paul was one intelligent dude, and he emphatically believed the Scriptures. He believed Jesus. He performed miracles. He raised the dead.  Most will say, "But I don't believe it."  I know they don't. That's why I said "The faith is not for everyone."

One way to really come to believe in the Scriptures is not to speculate, and read the higher criticism of others aout them, but by LIVING THEM. When you live them, you believe them, and you start to understand them. Try it.

God be with you,

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