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Author Topic: Questions  (Read 5804 times)

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« on: October 22, 2006, 10:48:09 AM »

Dear Brian:
All of your questions are answered many time on my site, but I will give a short answer to each once more.............


    > To keep things short...
    > 1. If the sinner's prayer and the whole " getting saved" doctrine is false,
    > then how do you explain the whole conversion experience that Christians
    > have, that totally overwhelming happiness and assurance of being saved?

    COMMENT:  I'm sorry, but maybe I missed that "OVERWHELMING happiness and assurance" of which you speak with reference to professing Christians.  They are not really that much more happy than most people of the world who believe in all kinds of pagan and heathen gods.  It amazes me to think that nearly 100% of the TWO MILLIONS prisoners in American (the largest percent of jailed citizens per capita IN THE WORLD, in the MOST CHRISTIAN nation in the world) are "Saved Christians!"  Go figure.

    > 2. If all will be saved, what was the purpose of Jesus having to be on the
    > cross?


    > 3. Matthew 16:8 is true, wouldn't you think the church would be a well known
    > and populated church rather than on one website?

    COMMENT:  I'm sorry, but I do not see the connection of your question with Matt. 16:8?  The church IS "A WELL KNOWN AND POPULATED CHURCH."  Christendom is the largest religion in the world--TWO BILLION.  That is, two billion in "name."  How many of them are spiritually converted?  How many believe the half of what Jesus taught?

    After healing thousands and thousands and thousands of people, Jesus had 120 true believers left at the end of His ministry to receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:15).  And who ever said that the church was found "on only one web site?"

    God be with you,

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