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Author Topic: Gay  (Read 5833 times)

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« on: October 22, 2006, 10:48:56 AM »

    Dear Ray , I appreciate your website and the insights it gives to the true nature of God and his plan. One thing that  perplexes me is the subject of homosexuality. If God has preordained us to certain paths to follow, I guess when Gay people say they were born that way they are being truthful. I have no problem with people of any kind,but I do know that sin is sin . I pray for all people to come into the knowledge of God and repentance, still knowing that God opens the eyes of those who he chooses. The thing is, I know that there are decent people who are Gay,but it is still a sin. In today's world if you profess any negativity against homosexuality you are labeled intolerant and a bigot. Here in Philadelphia the public school system sent the children home with a calendar that any included a Gay History month. People who protested were portrayed on T.V. and the newspapers as bigots and ignorant. If people are Gay that's their business, but to try to get everyone to accept it as good moral behavior is against God. I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.
                                      Sincerely , Allan

    Dear Allan:
    Too big a subject for an email. I will write a paper on this subject in the future. The word "tolerance" in today's society means "acceptance of immorality and sin on an equal footing with that of all other religions, beliefs, and philosophies."
    God be with you,

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