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Author Topic: Ignorance  (Read 2370 times)

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« on: October 28, 2006, 09:36:29 AM »

    Dear Ray,
    I have to write as if I know what I am talking about to make communication interesting.
    So, please forgive my ignorance if you find you know more about the subject than I.
    God's dominion is from generation to generation. Generations were created in the heaven
    and the earth. Gen 2:4 There are 12 generations in the heavens (gates of heaven) and 12
    generations in the earth (gates of hell). They're also called foundations; foundations of the
    earth and foundations of heaven. They repersent a time period of approximately 2,100 years.
    We are in the sixth generation. You can see these generations in the stones of the
    breastplate worn by Aaron and the high priests of Israel. The last generation was
    represented by the Sapphire stone or 5th age. This age is represented by the Emerald.
    In the new heaven and new earth the first age is represented by the Jasper.
    Stonehenge was a temple very similar to the temple of Moses. Stonehenge is the picture
    of the horseshoe crab; only in those days they were lumped in with other bi-valve mollusks,
    probably because of their appearance. The crab is the fourth sign in the Mazzaroth and
    the fourth age. Around 2,100 BC many VIPs were entombed around stonehenge. (carbon dated)
    Of astronomical importance at that time and to the neolithic enhabitants was the summer
    and winter solstices. At the summer solstice the star regulus was rising with the sun. However
    one cannot see the star because of the sun's brilliance. So, it became necessary to view the
    rising of the star on the winter solstice. This is possible because the star is on the ecliptic
    circle. What were they looking for? The beginning of the fifth age; the age of the Lion. Now,
    four ages can be determined in this fashion. They are: Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man. Three
    can be calculated from the summer solstice, and three form each equinox and three from
    the winter solstice. This is what makes the heavens appear in a cubical form.
    There is also a golden breastplate at stonehenge indicating the period of the fourth generation.
    It has four foundations engraved upon it. The fourth has nine squares indicating the generations
    yet to be completed; which included the fourth age. These ages began around 10,500 BC when
    the precession of the equinox was at its perigee. That's when the first age began.
    In the Bible there are 12 foundations with an angel at each gate for a total of 12 angels. The
    four beasts of Revelation 4 say holy, holy, holy. Each beast represents three gates and
    each angel at the gate says holy, for the foundations of heaven are holy.
    They represent the kingdoms of heaven. Now there are fallen kingdoms which are taken by force by
    Satan. There are 12 foundations which are linked to the vernal equinox by Satan and are out of course
    with the Mazzaroth. See Psalm 82. They have no signs because they are principalities and powers
    of the air. They rise out of the earth. They are controled by the eighth gate or kingdom called the
    Beast. See Daniel 7. The fourth beast is the eighth gate; each beast having three gates.
    There is a city in the heavens called Jerusalem. It is the spiritual Mazzaroth. There is a city in
    the earth called Babylon. Within the latter are the 12 gates of hell; principalities and powers of
    the air. These gates and kingdoms are also called judges. The four angels bound in the Euphrates
    are at the four gates of hell. Notice they kill a third of mankind. Alll die so the other eight kill the other
    two thirds. When the Euphrates dries up and Babylon loses its power, the kings of the east arise.
    there are 12 thrones set up to replace the gates of hell. (Babylon) The saints will judge Israel.
    E-mail me if you want to know more about the Revelation etc. There is more.

    Dear Byron:
    Wow! And I just love the way you back up EVERYTHING you say with specific Scriptures (that's a nice touch).  I'm sure there "is more" as you say, but I don't believe I am spiritual enought to handle it.
    And I thought that maybe Stonehenge was built by pagan god worshippers--shows how much I know.
    PS   Yes, certainly, your "ignorance" is forgiven.

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