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Author Topic: New Age  (Read 4785 times)

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New Age
« on: October 28, 2006, 09:40:16 PM »

My Dear, Precious, Brother Smith:
You have asked that We KEEP, Our Questions BRIEF, and this is what I will TRY, To Do.
I Am a New Age, Spiritualist, Brother, brought Up in a Traditional Background, who NO LONGER, Views the Bible, Koran, Torah, or ANY, So Called "HOLY" Book, as the the AUTHORITATIVE, Word of God. Largely because of MUCH, You Reveal, Yourself.
Thus My CURRENT, Interest in NEW AGE, Spirituality. But in the End, MY, Spirituality is My VERY, OWN. My OWN, PERSONAL, "RELATIONSHIP" with Almighty God.
The Teachings of Hell, and Eternal Damnation, in Relation to an ALL LOVING, GOD, are Some of My MAIN, Reasons, why I No Longer TRUST, the Bible, as being an AUTHORITATIVE, VOICE, of God. That, and What I NOW, KNOW, about HOW, the Christian Church EVOLVED, Over the PAST, TWO THOUSAND, YEARS.
I have for SOME, Time, been OPEN, to the Idea of REINCARNATION, as a BETTER, ALTERNATIVE, to the HELL FIRE, ETERNAL DAMNATION, Concept. And seems to be MORE FITTING, and MORE, IN-KEEPING, with the Idea of an ALL LOVING GOD, than Hell Fire, and Eternal Damnation EVER, Will Be. Also, I'm AWARE, that Reincarnation Teachings, where APART, of Christian Teachings, for Several Centuries.
I Do NOT, Believe that We RETURN, as ANIMALS, or INSECTS, or Anything but, I DO, Believe that We CAN, RETURN, as the OPPOSITE, GENDER. As Spirit Itself, is GENDERLESS.
So, My Question IS; Are You REFUTING, or SUPPORTING, Biblical Teachings, Overall.
I Ask that as I have not YET, had the time to INVESTIGATE, Your Concepts, MORE, THOROUGHLY.
God Bless You, My Brother for trying to being HOPE, to those Who LOOSE, Hope BECAUSE, of these MINDLESS, INSANE, TEACHINGS.
Much Love,
Brother Ive,
Mr. Ivan

Dear Mr. Ivan:
I am resisting with all the power within my to hold back from BLASTING most of the statements in your email.
I take GREAT exception to the erroneous and spurious foolishness of translating "aion/aionios" into the modern English (they certainly meant no such thing for the first few hundreds years after the apostles) words "eternal" "eternity" and such phrases as "for ever AND EVERF,"  "EVERmore," "EVERlasting," etc.  That's it.  Other than that, I don't have too much of a problem with most English translations of the Scriptures--there are a few dozen more minor points, but relativelyh mild compared to the "everlasting" torture in fire theory.
But realy, Mr. Ivan, why would you believe in "transmigration of soul?"  What is your authority?  If you throw away the Bible, how do you know that "God" is a loving god?  He might be one of those pagan gods, or even a devil?  On what do you base your belief that God is a God of love if you have no Bible?  Nature supports a very very very POWERFUL AND INTELLIGENT God;  albeit, it does not support an all-loving God, as their is as much evil in providence (volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, famine, wild beasts, disease, etc., etc., etc.) as their is good.  See what I mean?  There really is something very SUPERNATURAL about the Holy Scriptures.  Don't confuese the teachings of the Bible with with "religion" or "Christendom."  You need to read all of my material carefully, and maybe you will be given new eyes to see new truths, rather than old and blind eyes to see the ancient deception of "New" age religion.
God be with you,
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