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Author Topic: Baptizing the young  (Read 2600 times)

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Baptizing the young
« on: October 28, 2006, 09:42:33 PM »

So I was talking with this Orthodox Christian at work about why they baptize their young.
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Re: Baptizing the young
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2006, 10:57:46 PM »

That kind of a belief is generally accepted.  A strange thing, for sure, but the majority have not been given the desire to search for truth.  I see very well meaning people believe in such things with their whole heart and it never ceases to amaze me, wow!

These are usually the ones who want to be accepted in THIS world for their belief.  Yet, the truth is we will not be accepted in this world for His truths.  They just don't take the time to study the word.

Like the lemmings, I think that is the right spelling, that follow all the other lemmings and run off the edge of a cliff, this is the whole of their spiritual life.  Then they get to the point, where they are so tangled up into the nonsense, that they come out and teach that noboby can understand God, that He does not want anyone to understand His plan.  Have you heard that before?  With that idealogy, they can get away with saying anything.

Oh well, the day will come around for them sooner or later.  He is no respector of persons, all we can do is to show love towards them first, even while they condemn us.  He is Lord of the darkness as well as the light.  It is His day, to do as He pleases.

God bless,



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Re: Baptizing the young
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2006, 01:58:24 AM »

Hi Sorin & Gary,
Interesting topic to me as I have gone through physical baptism twice.

First, I was baptized as a baby (from a <not overly zealous> catholic family). So my upbringing was: I was saved because I was baptized.

Second, (only 2 years ago) I was called into my church. (I thought) I accepted Jesus as my saviour, and the next step (according to my church) was to be baptized. I chose to be baptized because I thought it was what Jesus wanted me to do, I really wanted to feel like I was taking responsibility, because I knew it wasn't my choice when I was a baby, so how could that have saved me?  I wanted it to be my conscious decision to follow the steps in the bible.

(by the way, I was baptized in a hot tub our church rented, and expected some kind of spiritual feeling when I was "immersed" under water, and was quite surprised when there was no special feeling....I think a lot of people make themselves believe there is something special from it because that would be what is expected).

My mom couldn't understand why I was being baptized again, she thought I was just some religious nut!
I suppose in a way she was right.

Because after only one year in the church, God showed me that my choice to be physically baptized was vanity, that only Jesus could baptize me with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.
Now, there's a renewing in my spirit that is from above, that is so special, it amazes me beyond words.

Baptism. Only from Jesus will it count.

In Love,


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Re: Baptizing the young
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2006, 10:52:21 AM »

A couple of points come to mind.  First Paul speaking as a sinner in PRESENT tense as being the worst.  And the second is what Marie said about physical baptism, reminded me of Ray's repy thae NOTHING Physical will save us.  For the flesh profits Nothng.  The vitamins and nutrients contained in the manna from heaven gives us one more thing to chew on and grow.



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Re: Baptizing the young
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2006, 12:26:47 PM »

So I was talking with this Orthodox Christian at work about why they baptize their young. I told them a small child like a baby is hardly in a position to make a conscious decision to "accept Christ". He said: " because if you're not baptized [in water, mind you] you can't be saved so that's why we baptize them to save them from hell". I said: "well what if you get into an accident on the way to the church and the child dies, will you still worship a god that's burning your baby for "ever and ever"?

He got silent.

Oh and he is obviously a sinner himself, and when he get's angry at work he starts swearing like crazy, and yet, and yet, you know what he said? He said he is still saved because his parents baptized him when he was a baby. Unbelievable.

Now of course we're all sinners, I'm a SINNER TOO, but I don't think that being 'baptized in water' gives you a free pass to sin [a get out of jail free card if you will], and still be saved.

You bring up an interesting topic for discussion and I'm glad that you did because it reaffirmed something that has been on my mind.  Ever since growing up in the church from a very young age I never questioned any of the teachings or the validity of what is popularly believed.  I had no reason too.  In my spiritual walk I desired to know more about the Lord and it lead me to  Ever since coming to I've fully realized the evil that underlies most of Christian theology.  From your post, I want to stress that when one is equipped with the truth it dispells the carnality and lies that is promoted as the truth.  Your simple question of would the person still worship a God who sends a child to Hell for not being baptised at least for a moment made that individual think.  I just read the post and it made me think. I asked myself if I would want to serve a God such as this and without being silent I can honestly say no.  I wouldn't and couldn't.  But thanks be to God we serve a savior who loves us even before we loved ourselves much less Him.  God bless.  I enjoyed reading your post.



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Re: Baptizing the young
« Reply #5 on: October 30, 2006, 02:54:33 PM »

Hey Marie.  That's cool.  I was "baptized" twice too.  Not sure I've ever heard of anyone else doing that.  Although I don't have hte excuse that I was a baby the first time..   ;).  I got baptized around 10 or 12 in one church and then tried to fit in with another church and they redid it "in case the first on didnt' take".  Like we were planing tomatoes or somethign...put an extra seed in in case the first one deosnt' grow.  Ha ha ha ha.  I actually nearly got kicked out of my house for the second one.  :-\  And I never felt anything either.  It's definitely all spiritual and it amazes me how blinded people must truly be to not be able to see that.  Ah well, all in God's time...



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Re: Baptizing the young
« Reply #6 on: October 30, 2006, 03:48:42 PM »

Hi all,

I got "baptised" 3 times.  First time, as a teenager in a Baptist church, went forward cuz my friend went up and I was afraid of hell.

The 2nd time was as a Lutheran.  I took the classes and yes me, a married adult, stood with all the 14 year olds and got confirmed & sprinkled.

The 3rd time was at an old time penteccostal/Branham followers church and my feeling was that this time was the charm-I really meant it!!

Our 3 kids didn't get baptised at church as kids, but one day I found my Lutheran mother in law "sprinklling" the kids in the bathtub, just in case!!! Ha.  I was really mad tho and made her listen to scripture. She never "got" it tho.  Stayed a strong Lutheran till she passed.

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