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Author Topic: Good Or Bad?  (Read 2503 times)

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Good Or Bad?
« on: November 02, 2006, 10:43:49 PM »

Dear Ray,

After reading some of your articles, I don't know if this is a good or bad site.  Of course I couldn't read all of them and there is no doubt you have a vast knowledge of scriptures that exceeds my knowledge.  I will agree with some of the things you have said but like it seems in the letter to John Hagee you were just needling him on fundamental translations.  Sure Mr. Hagee is a "TV" evangelist and after seeing them I do have doubts.  I think it is important for people to understand that God is a fair and just God and if you are a sinner there will be some sort of retribution.  On earth if you kill somebody you get "punished" so likewise God will do the same, if he is a just God.  Just tell all the "wiccans" and "Satanists" that God gave humanity free will, where he won't force people to do wh at he wants, don't use the excuse Satan blinded me so I can't see the light... I come from a generation of Satanists (grandparents, both of my parents, my sister, uncles, aunts), and somehow I chose Jesus.  Now, it seems kind of absurd to say that if your blinded there's nothing you can do.  Of course I'm no expert and I didn't read all of your opinions, and I'm not trying to start an email fight, all I hope is you properly instruct the young impressionable youths who email you.  Keep it on the up and up.


Yes, Ryan, I will try to do that. Thank you for your repromand. I guess I did somehting bad.

I don't know what, but since you insinuate that I might not be on the "up and up," I guess I

will just have to try and figure it out by myself. What about all those "impressionable OLD FOLKS,"

Ryan?  What will we do for them?

God be with you,

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