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Author Topic: 2 Questions  (Read 4767 times)

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2 Questions
« on: November 02, 2006, 10:46:12 PM »

> Hello Ray,
> This may sound weird but maybe you have had this question before. Is it a
> sin to have credit cards? I know that the bible is against interest charged
> loans. Do you have any thoughts on this?
> My other question is really just something that I am struggling with. I
> know that the bible says that God works all things after the counsel of his
> own will...Now does this mean that every key that I am typing and every
> thought that I am thinking right now is caused by God and even though I'm
> able to quickly change my thoughts or actions, does it still mean that God
> is working all of this?
> If it's the case then it seems like God would be entertaining himself.
> Or is it saying that God causes us to make decisions by the choices that we
> make and the things he puts in our in our lives. I guess I have a lack of
> understanding on this subject; it just seems that we are able to make some
> sort of choice :-)
> Please refer me to something that I can read if you need to, but if you
> could provide something in plain english to help me understand this that
> would be great too!
> Thanks, Dustin

Dear Dustin:

No, Credit cards are not a sin. The overuse of credit cards is a sin. And no, it

is not wrong to charge interest on loans or credit cards. It is excessive "usury."

Ex. 22:25 specifically forbids the use of usury on loaning money to POOR people.

One of Christ's parables even suggests that one should get "interest" on one's

money and not let it lay dorment.

Yes, your question on free will choices is asked almost daily. People assume that

making a "choice" is in reality, having "free will."  If you had read my four-part

series on "The Myth of Free Will," you would have read how I explained in very,

very great detail the meaning of the term "free will" and "free choice," and showed

that choosing something has absolutely nothing whatsoever with the concept of "FREE"

will or 'FREE" choice. We have a will and we have many choices--NEITHER ARE,

HOWEVER, F-R-E-E from whatever it is that CUASES THEM TO TAKE PLACE.

And I am fully aware that most of humanity simply cannot wrap they minds around

that definition, let alone understand how it works in everyday life.  I cannot explain

the 120 pages all over again in an email. Read the series four or five time and meditate

on it for several thousands of hours, as I have, and maybe you will see the absolute

truth of it.  I am not belittling you, just trying to help you grasp this truth. You are not alone

by any means. Most people cannot comprehend it.  They do not SEE nor do they FEEL the

force at work which CAUSES ALL OF THEIR CHOICES AND ACTIONS.  But just because

one cannot see or feel them, does not mean that they are not there--trust me, they are.

God be with you,

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