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Author Topic: A few questions  (Read 1946 times)

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A few questions
« on: November 07, 2006, 10:26:57 PM »

    I have several short questions for you.  First of all you website has been very interesting.  I have always had problems with certain aspects of Christianity but never knew how to explain them.  In the last several years I started to read the Bible with different eyes.  Instead of reading with Baptist eyes, I read with the eyes of all who have alternate beliefs.  Many of these beliefs were easily done away with, but the ones that I was unsure of myself were not so easily dismissed.  Your website has been the most consistent of any thus far.  There are however a few questions I need answered.

    Number 1:  In Zechariah 12:10 it looks as if God claims to have been pierced.  Is this where you say Jesus is God too?

    Number2:  If the antichrist is me, or each individual, then can you please explain all of Revelation.  Im not trying to be facetious; there are no commentaries with y
  Number3:  If we have no need of church (buildings or institutions), then why are there guidelines for different offices within the church?  (Bishops, deacons)

    Number4:  What does it mean in I Peter 3: 18-22 preaching to Spirits?  When was this?

    Number5:  Do you believe Satan and the demons will be saved?

    Number6:  What about the Nephillum in Genesis?

                Im not saying that I disagree with you, but you are going against, not just one or a few, but everything Christianity stands for.  If you believe there is no free will, then isnt God making Christendom say and believe the things you disagree with.  Gods will is going to be done.  Im not saying that you are wrong, but God is in control of them, you, and me typing this email right now.  Dr. Kennedy and Mr. Hagge are both being controlled by God.  When I look at it this way, I cant hate anyone.  We are all under the authority of God whether in evil or good.  Our reasoning may be sin, but Gods is not.  Therefore Dr. Kennedy, Mr. Hagge, you, and me are all part of Gods will.


    Dear Jonathon:

    Just a few "short" questions, heh?  And I guess, "...can you please explain all of Revelation" I guess is one of the short ones?  Actually all of your questions except this one are explaned somehwere on our site or in our emails. It would take me several hundreds of pages to explain Revelation to you, and seriously, I don't hae the time for that.

    God be with you,


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