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Author Topic: Thank You  (Read 2067 times)

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Thank You
« on: November 07, 2006, 10:29:12 PM »

> Dear Ray,
> Thank you for being a vessel of honor to our Lord Jesus Christ!
> I realize that God motivated and volunteered you to this service,
> but I am thankful non-the-less. I love your style of writing,
> thinking, and explaining--very much!
> Thank you for all the hours you spend studying and then all
> the additional hours you spend writing out what God has taught
> you, as well as the MANY hours that you spend reading and answering
> emails. I imagine these never-ending emails are like the chinese
> water torture at times! But the answers and insights you share are
> very helpful, so please be encouraged to continue.
> It has been just past one year since God brought me to your
> site. This one year since has unfolded the most spiritual growth
> o f any or all previous years combined. In my mind, there is no turning
> back.
> God has used His Truth-- delivered through you -- to set me free! The
> truth
> of God's sovereignty has calmed my fears and allowed my faith to grow
> firm.
> The understanding of God's purpose for us on earth has answered my
> questions
> as to why it seemed that God was ever pressing upon me without relief.
> I clearly
> understand and am thankful for God's chastening work in my life. I
> want to be rid
> of my carnal fleshly ways and there is only one way for that to
> happen-- however
> painful, He has made me to desire Himself more than my temporal comfort.
> Without exaggeration, I can say that my entire life has been changed in
> this past
> year. I think differently, I act differently, I am growing -- yes
> there are serious
> growing pa ins!-- but WOW! it is so wonderful to shed the cocoon of
> religion
> and self. I am totally done w/ religion of any type, but there must
> be layers upon
> layers of self to yet shed. It hurts so good! -- to suffer for the
> Prize of Christ--
> the pain of chastening grace is real, but like childbirth, soon
> forgotten and always
> worth it --for the joy of being with Christ.
> Word are not sufficient to describe how grateful I am to God for
> sending you as
> a messenger to my life (and the lives of so many!). May God give you
> seasons
> of refreshment to enable you to continue your work of teaching His
> Truth!
> Sincerely,
> Jayle

Wow!  You write a convincing email, Jayle.  Every once in awhile a get an email

that makes it all worth while (you know, the chinese water torture and all...), and this is

just such an email. Thank you for your kind words and thank the Lord that He is

creating in you a new creature after the Image of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

God be with you,

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