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Author Topic: Unbelievable...  (Read 2350 times)

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« on: November 09, 2006, 10:39:04 AM »

Mr. Smith,
     As a fellow believer in Jesus Christ I am moved to bring something to your attention. God has blessed you with a remarkable ability to teach the truth from the Scripture. He is using you daily to open the eyes of my own understanding. I wish I had half as much knowledge and understanding as you have been blessed with. You state on page 5 of "Twelve God-Given Truths To Understand His Word" that you wished"they would let me teach a few classes at seminary". The chances of that happening are quite slim, but I hope God will continue using you to teach me and others the truth.
     What I am moved to bring to your attention to is this. It is obvious you have studied in depth and go to great lengths to explain the truths God reveals to you. You make it crystal clear from the Scripture that "ALL IS OF GOD". He has blinded the eyes of all but a very few to these truths. Their blindness is caused by HIM, whether by Himself directly or His instrument the devil, the god of this world. However GOD does this; it is GOD who is responsible. Knowing this to be so, you are in error to point out these truths and then state that their blindness is "unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE". It is not unbelievable sir, and you know why it is as it is. Without GOD, you and I and every single one of HIS children would be as blind as the rest. As you point out so well, GOD has a will and a purpose for all things. "ALL IS OF GOD". It is "a flat out contridiction" to teach these truths so well and then to state that their errors are "UNBELIEVABLE". You know it is "Because God has a plan that involves calling MANY, but chosen out only a few". (from pg 5)
     When you state on pg. 7 that "This is really childish that I should have to explain..." I trust you are aware that ALL begin as "babes" in Christ, and that no one is "perfect" (mature) to begin with.
     When you state on pg.11 that "Until you concede in your heart..." I trust you are aware that it is "ALL OF GOD" and that no one can concede within their own heart any good UNLESS it is done so by God.
     You state on pg.30 that "most professing Christians REFUSE to understand these simple truths...". If it is GOD'S will and purpose for anyone to understand, how could they possibly "REFUSE"?
     I firmly believe that what you teach is Scriputual truth. I can only hope God will continue to use you. My question to you sir is this. Do you believe what you teach? If so, why do make the statements you do that contridict what you teach?
     None of us would believe if HE had not caused us to believe. "Hence, precious few believe and understand  the Scrptures, and fewer yet, obey them."  (from pg. 5)
     You are familiar w/ the term"spiritual pride" I am sure. That "knowledge puffeth up" is certianly understood by yourself. It is in love Mr. Smith that I write to you. Take care.
                                                                              God be with you,
Dear Tim:
"Spiritual pride" and "knowledge puffs up," Eh? and "Do 'I' even believe what 'I' teach?" "Contradict my own teaching," do I? and I am  " error to point out these truths and then state that their blindness is 'unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE.'"  And: "It is a flat out contridiction to teach these truths so well and then to state that their errors are 'UNBELIEVABLE'. You know it is." So I apparently lie against what I know to be otherwise? And: "I trust you are aware that it is 'ALL OF GOD' and that no one can concede within their own heart any good UNLESS it is done so by God."
Well thank you for instructing me on the finer points of God's Sovereignty.  I guess I just didn't know this subject as well as I thought I did.  And "It is in LOVE Mr. Smith that I write to you." Oh really.  And do you think that I was just born yesterday?  That I can't see great swelling "spiritual pride" and the "puffing up of knowledge" in those who think they will feel better by "correcting" my errors which only they apparently can spot?
Tim, most little school boys in the street learn what "figures of speech" are by they time they are ten or twelve years old.  They have learned for instance when something bad bappened to them and they were very sad over it, that mommy told them  "not to cry over spilled milk." They learned that although they were not literally crying with tears coming out of their eyes, neither had anyone actually or literally 'spilled' any milk in the floor, it was just a way that adults describe such thing in teaching their children.  Such examples are called "figures of speech."  Jesus used them Himself all the time. He suggested that His apostle take the BEAM (a large peice of TIMBER) out of their own eye before trying to get a speck of dirt out of a brother's eye.  One cannot physically have a TIMBER in one's eye. A timber is usually larger that one's whole head!  But Jesus did not LIE. It was a an exaggerated figure of speech to make a spirit ual point of understanding. Most adults understand these figures of speech.
The American Heritage College Dictionary:  "figure of speech n. An expression that uses language in a UNLITERAL way...."
I'll bet that even you, Tim, use figures of speech a dozen times a day without even recognizing them as such. We say such things as "I really killed myself sweating up a storm in my workout, and now I am beat and hungry as a bear."  There are four figures of speech in that sentence. Did you understand the sentence, Tim?  Would you call someone who said such a thing "prideful?" "puffed up with knowledge?" "untruthful?" 
Jesus said: "then will I profess unto them, 'I NEVER KNEW YOU'" (Matt. 7:23).  How could Jesus say He didn't KNOW anyone?  Jesus KNOWS EVERYONE.  Unbelievable!  Oops!  I'm sorry, it just slipped out.
God be with you,
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