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Author Topic: Perish  (Read 5971 times)

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« on: November 10, 2006, 10:04:35 AM »

Hi Ray, i came across your site by accident. 
I grew up in a Muslim country of Iran.  Two years ago i became a christian and ever since i have fallen inlove with our lord Jesus Christ.
I have to tell you that i have read some of your teachings and i do belive that Christ saves all men.  Our god is love and will not allow his creatures to be eternally tortured as some pastors teach.  Some of these monkeys teach that god is more cruel as Satan: there is not a bigger Blaspheme.
However, what did Jesus mean when he said in John that "for god so loved the world that he game his only begotten son that Whomever  believes in him shall be not perish..,
This sounds like there will be some who will Perish if they don't believe in christ.
Please explain this verse to me at your convenience
May God's presence be with you everywhere you go.

Dear Mike:
Not only do some reject Jesus and perish, MOST reject Jesus and perish. But that is not the end. That is not their eternal destiny. The Greek word "apollumi" is the word translated "destroy," "lost," and "perish" in the King James Bible. All three are translated from this one Greek word, many times.  Appolumi is translated according to the context of a verse, hence: the sheep was LOST (it did not perish, nor was it destroyed, as it was later FOUND, but it was "apollumi" in that it was lost.  Those that enter into the "broad way that leads to DESTRUCTION" are also "apollumi"--destroyed.  And those who do not accept Jesus as their Saviour will also "apollumi," that is they will PERISH.  It's all the same condition. One can be lost in a fire, destroyed in a fire, or perish in a fire. Regardless, you loose your life.
But (and here comes the good news), Jesus came TO SAVE THAT WHICH WAS LOST [apollumi]" (Mark 18:11;  Luke 19:10).  Jesus Christ came for the express purpose of SAVING all those who are "apollumi"--LOST, DESTROYED, AND PERISHED!  There it is. Simple, huh?  One just needs to believe the Scriptures.
God be with you,
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