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Author Topic: Trinity  (Read 5362 times)

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« on: November 12, 2006, 10:32:27 AM »

        I began to read what you wrote about the trinity.  I am having trouble with it.  You ARE saying that Jesus IS God, but not the Father.  I understand that.  You are also saying that the Spirit is of God-or rather, God's Spirit, and that Jesus has this same Spirit which is of God or God's Spirit.  So, there is a Father-who is God.  There is a Son-who is God.  And the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, or Spirit that the Bible speaks of is actually the Spirit of God-which is God.   What am I missing here.  Is not the trinity man's way of trying to explain this.  I am only trying to understand. 
My understanding of the trinity was that there are three persons of the trinity, but all God.  Father-God, Son-God, and Holy Spirit-God.  I have NEVER searched the scripture on this myself, and need to.  But I am trying to understand what you are saying that the scripture says.  This is what I understand you to be saying.  Forgive my ignorance please:
God is the head  of all-the Father, hence, the Creator of all, and from Him and by Him all things consist, physically and spiritually.
Jesus Christ is God's Son, and because He is His Son, He has rights to all that God is because God has given it all to Him.  He is God by relationship.  The Father and Jesus are family-The Father is God, the Son is God, BUT the Son is not the Father.
The Holy Spirit is simply God's Spirit, which He has also given to His Son. (Not sure if I understand this yet.:-)
I have just a few questions.  Has Jesus always existed as His Father has always existed?  If Jesus is God, and the Father is God, but there is only one God-the Father-doesn't that make them one in the same. And if Jesus thinks it not robbery to be equal with God, well then, isn't He equal with God?  But if He is not God, but equal with Him, then are there now two Gods?  Of course I know there are not two God's-I guess I got a little carried away there.  Forgive my ignorance, I am just confused. 
Jesus and God are one and they share the same Spirit.  We share this Spirit of God when we come to know Him.  Jesus is in submission to God although He is also God.  This IS hard to understand.  They are both God, they have the same Spirit, but they are not each other.  Is this then the Diune God?  Again forgive my ignorance.  I am only asking that I may learn.
I will keep trying to understand, and anything you could answer would be a great help.
Thank you,

Dear Beth:
I have explained this fully according to the Scriptures in my paper on the trinity. I realize that most cannot understand what the Scriptures say anymore than they can understand that we make all our own choices, according to our own wills, but we do not have "free" will, neither do we make "free" choices. Both of these have a "cause," and it is the cause that takes away all "freedom." 
Many people think that "God" is the last name of the Father. Not true. Some believe that Jesus is His OWN FATHER, and therefore, would have to be of necessity, His OWN SON as well. And virtually all Christians believe that the Holy Spirit 'OF' God the Father is really ANOTHER PERSON.  Here is what the Scriptures teach, and here is what you need to know.
The Holy Spirit 'OF' God the Father, IS NOT A PERSON.
Jesus Christ is not GOD THE FATHER.
Jesus HAS A GOD, and it is God the Father.
God the Father HAS A SON, and His name is Jesus the Christ.
The Holy Spirit is not the "god" or "son" or "father" of ANYONE.
Now then: Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit OF GOD THE FATHER.  Jesus was not conceived by THE HOLY SPIRIT GOD--there is no such thing or person in Scripture.
Jesus Christ came OUT FROM GOD His Father (John 16:28; 9:42; 17:5, 8, 24; Col. 1:15; I John 4:9; 14; Rev. 3:14; etc).  Therefore He did not ALWAYS exist "outside" the Father. We too will become the manifest Sons of God (Rom. 8:19-21; I John 3:2, etc.).
The Holy Spirit 'OF' God the Father never came out from anyone.
Hope this helps you.
God be with you,
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