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Author Topic: Homosexuality  (Read 5465 times)

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« on: November 12, 2006, 10:45:22 AM »

God Bless you!!!  I love your website.It has so much truth. It answered a lot of questions for me, and cleared up a lot of confusing doctrine thats been in my head since i was a kid (raised in a"free-will" baptist church)
i haven't found any info on your site about homosexuality, so i thought i'd ask.
i'll try to keep this short. i accepted Jesus as my savior over 23 yrs ago (i'm 46) i have always felt like i was a lesbian since i was about 8 . When i got saved, i did everything i was told to do to be free of homosexual feelings. i prayed, i was anointed with oil, i prayed, i went to therapy (Christian and secular), i prayed,  i had "demons" cast out of me, i PRAYED, i was on my face praying for God to take these feelings away. He took away the lust, but not the attraction and feelings i have. i have spent more than 20 years trying to find the "truth".   the gay Christians (and there are quite a few who sincerely love God and believe in Jesus) say that the scriptures that denounce homosexuality are incorrectly translated or interpreted , and Sodom was destroyed because of not being hospitable (among other things).
when i fellowship with "straight" Christians, i feel like an outsider, because of my inner feelings; if i fellowship with "gay" Christians, i feel like an outsider because of my guilty  feelings and confusion.
i just want the truth.  if you could find time to research those scriptures and if theres any "mistranslating" there, i would appreciate it. i am not one of those "marching in the street" "in your face"  "accept me now" kind of person. there are so many gay people out there who just want to work, have a family, and just live their lives. i'm not trying to argue , i just seek truth.
thank you for your time.

Dear Reader:

Of the many dozens of emails that I have received from homosexuals, I believe that only one was rude--until I answered them, that is. Most try to "butter me up" so that I will give them a favoable report from the Scriptures regarding their sin.  Sorry, I can't do that. There are about a dozen Scriptures which speak on the subject of homosexuality, and not one them has a kind word to say about, other than it is just another sin of multitudes which can be forgiven and put away. You stae:

 "There are so many gay people out there who just want to work, have a family, and just live their lives. i'm not trying to argue , i just seek truth."

I know, Nita.  The God of the Bible calls them SINNERS.  Everyone just wants to work, have a family, and livetheir lives...."--they are call SINNERS.

Sodom was filled with people who "...wanted to work, have a family, and just live their lives..."  They were called "Sodomites."  God did not spare even ten of them from ALL THE CITIES OF THE PLAIN.  Nita, don't get made at me, but MOST SINNERS ON EARTH, "...just want to work, have a family, andlive their lives."  That is not the definition of righteousness or sainthood.  Most of the Scriptures dealing with the subject of homosexuality are plain enough and translated correctly, with an ear to modesty. They could have been presented a little more bluntly, but for the sake of children who read Bibles, I think it was in good taste that the Translators handled this perverted subject.

Homosexuality does not rate any higher on the "Sin Chart" than say stealing or adultery, but they rate pretty high among sins.  They will keep you out of the Kingdom of God; make no mistake about that.

I will write a longer paper on this subject in the future, but not today. I am hopelessly behind in answerin emails. It is no more difficult to stop homosexuality than it is to stop adultery. They are both impossible to stop without the intervention of God's spirit.

God be with you,

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