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Author Topic: King James Bible  (Read 5278 times)

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King James Bible
« on: November 12, 2006, 10:53:01 AM »

Dear Robert:
Ask me something hard.  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email.....

    Mr. Smith-For my learning, please answer these for me.
    1. The Bible IS the infallible word of God-how does faulty translation equate when put up against a stubborn Christian thinking that the KJ Bible is precise and infallible, as is?

    COMMENT:   If the King James is "precise and infallible," then why would any scholars ever make other versions?  Read the introduction "To The Readers" in the 1611 King James which I reproduce in part in my paper "Which Translation is Best?"


    2. Surely others have researched the translations in the past, why have the errors never been addressed and changed accordingly?
    COMMENT:  FIFTY THOUSAND errors have already been corrected in the King James ITSELF!  So much for the "inerrancy" of the King James.

    3. Would the Gospels of Judas, Thomas, The Truths etc. be considered "God Breathed" or not? Please explain why or why not.
    COMMENT:  Virtuall all "gospels" not contained in the Holy Bible are spurious and contradict the gospels that are found in the Holy Bible as we have it today.  And this, in part, is the reason that they never made it into the Bible to begin with.
    4. If there were any merit to the De Vinci Code story, what difference could it possibly make? My opinion is , none. I fail to see where whether Jesus took a wife and had a child, or not,  makes any difference in what was taught and given. Why are the churches is such a tiff? Silly, but it seems to be a prime topic right now.

    COMMENT:  Well, for starters, it would prove that the Scriptures that we do consider inspired would be proven false, as they deny Jesus ever being married.

    5. You seem so genuine in your love of the word, why do so many come out against what you offer to share?Is the church really so weak?
    COMMENT:  Why did the Pharisees and Scribes and Priests hate Jesus so? Why did they kill him?  Yes, the church is really so spiritually weak, and spiritually wicked.

    6. In your opinion, does the KJ Bible hold ALL that God wanted us to have, and is it wrong to seek more in other Gospels?

    COMMENT:  The King James Bibles does not come with a "Thus saith the Lord: I pronounce the King James My last and final word in total accuracy." There were Bible translations in the early centuries after Christ, English translations in the 8th and 9th centuries, the 12th and 13th and 14th and 15th, BEFORE there was a King James, and there have been about 100 translations AFTER the King James. The King James is just another one of many translations. It is a good one, save for "eternal" and "hell fire." Correct those two ideas and it is a pretty good word.
    God be with you,

 Thank you, again----Robert
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