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Author Topic: End Times?  (Read 2336 times)

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End Times?
« on: November 14, 2006, 10:40:09 PM »

    Hi Ray,
    I hate to try to bump the 600+ queue you have again, however just a quick follow-up on this subject. What are your thoughts on all the promises to Israel concerning the kingdom that Messiah shall rule? To me, that must coincide with the millenial reign of Christ where we (Christians) will rule with Him. If the righteous from the old testament are to go through the white throne judgement, they won't even be resurrected during this 1000 years. Or do you believe the old testament phropecies take place in the new heavens / earth / Jerusalem? There seem to be too many old testament prophecies, that go into such detail, for all of the future kingdom promises to be metaphoric. The most puzzling to me is Ezekiel's temple he spent the last 8 chapters describing in such detail. He even describes daily animal sacrifices, but we know from the book of Hebrews that Christ's one offering did away wi th those. Is the whole temple figurative?
    Please advise when you get a chance, and God's blessings upon you,

    Dear Tom:
    I am sorry, but your question and topic is way too big for an email answer. It could take me weeks to answer your question. What you are rally asking me is to: "Explain the prophecies of the Bible," because that is exactly what is involved in the answer to your question. You will just have to wait until these things come out in Installment form. Part C of my series on "HELL" will contain much of this information. I know of no one in the world who understands this subject. If I did, I would just study their teaching and pass it on.
    Example:  When WAS anyone hauled before the Sanhedrin Court of the Jews for calling his brother "Raca?"  When WILL anyone be hauled before the Sanhedrin Court of the Jews for calling his brother, "Raca?" (Matt. 5:21-23).  And you thought the Sermon on the Mount was one of the easier parts of Scriptures to understand?
    Just for fun I checked what dozens and dozens of commentaries and theologians have to say on this Scripture--what a JOKE!  They have not a clue.  I defy anyone to fit the words of those 3 Scriptures into either Old Covenant, or into Christ's ministry, or into the present church era, or into the millennium, or into the Great White Throne judgment?  What is this teaching all about?
    If one calls his brother "Raca" (which means empty headed fool) he will be what? Fined $10?  But if he calls his brother "fool" he will BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY?  Well, we all know that's not true, but.....BUT....WHAT DOES IT MEAN??

    God be with you,

    PS    No, Part C is not nearly finished yet.  Sorry.  Patience.

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