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Author Topic: Deceive  (Read 2785 times)

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« on: November 18, 2006, 03:44:09 PM »

In Part C of "The Myth of Free Will" did you mean to say, "Just how does God  deceive mankind into thinking that their thoughts and choices free and uncaused?"
I thought you were proving that Satan is the deceiver, not God.  I hope this was an error.  I cannot conceive of God being a deceiver.

Dear Betty:
I really hate to answer questions such as this, because one is d......ed  if he does and d.......ed if he doesn't tell the truth.
God uses messengers and His Own circumcstances to bring about deceit.  Yes, the serpent "deceived" Eve, as we are clearly told that in the Scriptures.  However, Who created the serpent? God.  Who gave him access to the Garden?  God.  Who commissioned him to deceive Eve?  God.  Who created Eve in such  way that she "thought" she had freedom of the will?  God.  Who commissioned "lying spirits" on several occasions to "deceive" the enemy?  God.  Who is it that send "strong DELUSION"?  "Even him, whose comingis after theworkings of Satan with all power and sings and LYING [deceiving] wonders....And for THIS cause G-O-D  SHALL SEND THEM strong delusion, that they should believe a lie" (ii tHES. 2:9 & 11).
And did not our Own Lord make the two disciples traveling to Emmaus think that He was going to continue walking on down the road when they wanted to turn in for the night, when in reality Jesus had not such intention, but wanted them to INSIST that He go with them (Luke 24:28). Etc.
But please don't tell people that "Ray said that GOD IS A DECEIVER," unless you explain it in the context in which I have explained it to you.  Just for you own comfort of faith, when God did deceive or cause to be deceived in the Scriptures, HE TELLS US!
God be with you,
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