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Author Topic: Thanks!  (Read 1741 times)

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« on: November 20, 2006, 03:19:57 PM »

Dear Ray,
Just a quick word of thanks and encouragement. The material on your website often blows my mind away!!
I was reading part 3 of the Lake of Fire series yesterday and was amazed at your teaching on the conversion of Paul. I had of course read the story of his conversion but it was as if the light was now turned on...what wonderful HOPE there is contained in that story...Paul's conversion from chief of sinners to a servant of Christ who penned probably the most beautiful passages on Love ever written.(inspired of course by the God's spirit) is truly amazing and speaks volumes about our so called "free will" when confronted by the Light of Christ.
Thanks again for helping ignite my passion and excitement in the Lord. My initial response when I became a Christian,  to the Lord tugging at my heart was one of Love but as I wrestled with the topic of eternal punishment this changed to one of fear and despair. A lot of  prayer, personal searching and the writings on your website have helped to open my heart again to the Lord. The argument that people would just do whatever they want if there was no fear of eternal punishment just doesn't gel with me. Surely it follows that... a God of Love ( a God who IS Love) and who looks at the state of our heart would want us to follow him... out of Love.
Please don't be too discouraged when people keep emailing you with questions that you have already answered in your articles. I am guilty of doing just this. I emailed a couple of weeks ago regarding salvation and free will and it was only when I asked the question my way and you replied personally that it began to really sink keep are doing a good thing.Thanks for your time and patience. LOVE YOUR WORK.
Blessings to you
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