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Author Topic: The Blood of Calvary is being mocked  (Read 2106 times)

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The Blood of Calvary is being mocked
« on: November 23, 2006, 11:47:02 AM »

    > Mr. Smith:
    > It appears from your comments on scripture that you believe that everyone
    > regardless of their sin in life will eventually die and thereafter
    > have a chance to confess Christ and enter Heaven.
    > Is that true? If so, a person can do what they very well please to do and
    > under your doctrine, when they die they can then repent and
    > enter heaven.
    > Please cite scripture for this view. Christ never indicated to anyone
    > that they can do whatever they wish and then he will simply wink at
    > them and allow them into is Kingdom when they die.
    > You can not flail away at Calvary, commit blasphemy and when you die in
    > you trespasses and sins, believe or think that all is right and
    > you will win God's favor.
    > The Blood of Calvary is being mocked. There is no need for a Savior if we
    > can with impunity disregard the Savior and his caveats and
    > upon our terms dictate to God that my life, although a mockery of your
    > Word, will nonetheless win your heart and all will be forgiven.
    > Regards
    > Lafe

    Dear Lafe:
    Did you ever sin with "impunity?" [Dictionary: 'without punishment'].  Has God

    forgiven your sins of impunity?  How were you forgiven?  Did you forgive

    yourself or did God forgive you?  Do you suppose that God could do that same

    thing again with another sinner?  No?  You won't ALLOW it?  You want to be the

    ONLY ONE?  I have many dozens of Scriptures proving that God will ultimately

    save all mankind.  But first they will be brought to repenance, and then they will

    learn to live godly and righteously.  Read the rest of my site. It is an unscriptural

    and damnable heresy to teach that God will not save people in Judgment.

    God be with you,


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