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Author Topic: Prayer?  (Read 5984 times)

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« on: November 24, 2006, 03:19:20 PM »

My son was raised in a Christian home; he graduated from a Christian college.  In college he embraced the Jewish faith.  He no longer believes in Jesus Christ.  He has grown a shaggy beard and sideburns.  He wears a Jewish white vest with tassels hanging from the bottom of it. He has come into certain circumstances at his work and is no longer considered for promotion. He has lost favor with his employer and his work hours have been reduced. He does not come to any family functions (birthday parties, Thanksgiving Dinner, etc.) He does not answer phone calls or text messages or regular mail.  He lives less than 12 miles from me. My question is:  If we do not have free will and all is of God.  Then my son is doing God's will and purpose for his life.  Right?  Then how do I pray for him.  Or do I need to pray for him at all?  One last question: What is the proof that Jesus is the Messiah?
I respect your time. I thank you in advance for answering this email.

Dear Joe:
The subject of the Sovereignty of God (which by its nature completely demolishes any such thought as man having a will that is free to operate independently of God) is one of those unimaginably simple Truths that most can never wrap their mind around.  I have explained it over and over and over and over, but few indeed could ever explain it.
The entire universe is under God's Sovereignty. NOTHING operates or works or functions or thinks or does ANYTHING independently of God and HIs Sovereignty.  Therefore, from this fact, we know the following: [1] everthing that has ever happened was according to God's pre-ordained, foreknown plan and purpose.  And we can look back and see what has happened realizing that all was in accord with that purpose, and [2] we can likewise know that everything that will yet happen will be according to God's pre-ordained, foreknown plan and purpose, but we CANNOT look forward and know what those things WILL BE;  we can only seen what HAS BEEN.
Therefore you DON'T KNOW what God plans for your son in the immediate, intermediate, or long term future. Hence, if you want God to answer your prayers regarding your sons future, YOU WILL  H-A-V-E  TO PRAY!! 
Don't try to second-guess God, now that you have a little spiritual knowledge. LIVE YOUR LIFE.  Don't try to figure out things that you can or cannot do based on whether it may or may not be God's will for this or that. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT GOD'S SPECIFIC WILL IS REGARDING THIS OR THAT, so don't try to live as though you do know.   Since Phil. 4:4-7 is rather pathetic in the King James, I will read it from the Concordant Version:
"Be rejoicing in the Lord always!  Again, I will declare, BE REJOICING!  Let your lenience [moderation] be known to all men: the Lord is near.  Do not worry about anything, but IN EVERYTHING, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, LET YOUR REQUESTS BE MADE KNOWN TO GOD [don't hold back by second-guessing God and thinking, 'what's the use?'] and the preace of God, that is superior to every frame of mind, shall be garrisoning your hearts and your apprehensions in Christ Jesus."
God be with you,
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