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Author Topic: Belief  (Read 5382 times)

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« on: November 26, 2006, 08:45:26 PM »

I pray almost every day and I try to believe in God but I have no real belief in God. I know that if God does exist he knows that I am praying with hope that he exist's although I really do not believe he does. I want God to exist, I just do not believe he does. Why was I created if God know's that I will never believe in him? Also what will become of me? It is not my fault that I cannot believe. I am confused and afraid. Thank you for your time.

Dear Erik:

Hopefully I can make you a believer in God in the next few minutes, although it could take several hours for it to begin to register with all aspects of your analytical mind.

Picture yourself and your athiest friend walking miles back in the mountains when you come acroos a meadow with tall grass.  You spot somehing ahead that is shining in the noonday sun.  You approach it, and to your surprise, it is a brand new silver and black Bentley.  Wow, what a car. It's unlocked.  You open the door.  The key is in the ignition.  You start the engine, and it purrs like a kitten.  It has everything, including  global positioning, super fine stereo, and plush plush interior. The price tag on this beauty is about $243,000.  Your athiest friend asks out of confusion:  "How did anyone get this car here, seeing that there are no roads to this place?"  To which you answer incredulously:  "Why no one drove this care here,--it  EVOLVED HERE."

Would your athiest friend buy that explanation?  "It evolved here."  No, he knows it didn't evolve here and you know that it didn't evolve here.  Furthermore, you both know without the slightest doubt that someone strong and intelligent manufactured this car.

Now then, if the new Bentley in a meadow with no roads, is proof of a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE who made that automobile, what is your excuse for believing that the HIGHER INTELLIGENCE that made the Bentley, did not also have a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE that made h-i-m?  We know that the Bentley in the meadow had a creator.  It could not evolve to such intricate perfection.  Neither could the engineers who built it have evolved to such intricate perfection which is MILLIONS OF TIMES greater than that of the Bentley.  Bentleys do not evolve in meadows and neither do men evolve in meadows.  Yet here we are, but we have not always been.  Eyes do not evolve.  By what intelligence, design, engineering, manufacturing procedures, etc., did "eyes" evolve when there WAS NO SUCH ENGINEERING OR DESIGNING INTELLIGENCE to make the first one?  And by what intelligence did the first one-eyed creature decide that if he would evolve two eyes, then he would have "depth perception?"  What pray tell, is "depth percetion' to an one-eyed, brainless, sea slug?  No Scientist alive can argue this origin of the eyes question without a great Creator God.

WE ARE, therfore, THERE IS A GOD!

You have no reason to doubt God's existence--NONE!

I would now encourage you to continue reading our site to learn more about this Great God.

May He be with you in this journey,


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