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Author Topic: God Talks?  (Read 5863 times)

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God Talks?
« on: November 29, 2006, 10:09:24 AM »

Dear Ray,
Thanks again for your great website. It continues to teach, challenge and excite my mind!
I have questions for you on the topic of communicating with God. Many Christians I come across talk about "hearing from God." I often hear people say that the Lord "spoke" to them and "told" them to do this or that or make this decision rather than that decision. One friend even told me he sometimes hears from God audibly. Whilst I am sure people can and do hear from God, I admit that at times I am a bit sceptical when people say this. It also leaves me wondering what is wrong with me that God doesn't speak to me or at least in the way he does to others. I know I prayed to God a lot to be given truth and understanding on the subject of eternal punishment and since then I have been introduced by friends  to some great books by a theologian - Baxter Kruger as well as finding the wonderful material on your website. I have certainly felt that God has communicated to me through reading this materia l. I have been moved to tears at times as I have discovered more and more about God's heart. However there are many times I ask God for direction and it feels like the only answer I get is silence! Anyway am hoping you can help with these questions - How does God communicate to us? Do you think these people are for real? Does God "speak" to you? What does scripture have to say about this topic ?
Would appreciate any light you can shed on the above.
May God bless you mightily,
Caroline (from Australia)

Dear Caroline:
"And the Father Himself, which has sent Me, has borne witness of Me.  Ye have NEITHER HEARD HIS VOICE AT ANY TIME, nor seen His shape" (John 5:37), pretty much takes care of all the tens of thousands of liars out there who have claimed otherwise.
God speaks to us through His Spirit and through His Word, but not in an audible voice. I have prayed many times and God then later put the answer into my mind.  Likewise I have many times needed to know the answer to something in the Scriptures, and my understanding would be opened to something I read many times before, but didn't understand before.
God be with you,
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