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Author Topic: Your Ministry?  (Read 2936 times)

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Your Ministry?
« on: November 29, 2006, 10:15:39 AM »

> Hi Ray,
> My name is Roy and I am inquiring about your ministry. I have written to
> you In the past with a sincere desire to learn your interpretation of scripture.
> It falls in line quite well with what my studies have shown. I guess my reason
> for writing is to learn more about this ministry and of ways I can help. I am a
> 25 year old Hispanic man from NYC, raised up as a catholic and converted to
> pentecostal church 2 years ago. I have now left this congregation due to the
> fact that I would probably be excommunicated if I kept forwarding my views of
> scripture. I have a beautiful wife and an adorable baby girl. Although I am
> young, I bring hours of study and a strong desire to learn. But enough about me,
> where are you from? Are you accepting anyone willing to help into your ministry?
> Although you don't belong to a congregation, are you still willing to fellowship
> with beleivers like yourself? Do your wife and kids hold the same believes you
> do? Is there an alternative way of communicating with you? I hope my questions
> aren't too personal. BTW, I also bring web design skills. I want to be used in
> Any way I can be used for the truth. I hope to get a respond as I feel great
> need to do good works. Not unto salvation, but due to it. May the grace of God
> be with you and your family.
> Your brother in Christ,
> Roy

Dear Roy:

Well, yes, some of your questions are a little personal, but that's okay. I too

go back to New York City, but that's through many generations of my grand

parents.  Yes, I fellowship with believers of like mind as much as possible.

I hold a regularly scheduled Bible Study in my home and have fellowship

with others as much as is possible. I have no budget to travel the country, however,

neither do I have the time.  We do three things at  [1] I research

and write articles, [2] my Web Master Dennis formats and posts everthing and

advertises our site, and all that is involved in that, and [3] a dozen people help

support the financial need of paying for the advertising.  That's about it. Once

or twice a year I schedule a larger Bible Conference where people come from clear

across the country.

God be with you,

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