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Author Topic: How?  (Read 5888 times)

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« on: November 29, 2006, 01:00:17 PM »

Dear Ray,
        It has been a while since I emailed you.  I have been reading through all of your papers and many of the emails that people send-it takes much time to do this!  But the more I read, the more I want to know.  I have been reading the Bibles that I have and looking up the different Greek words etc. etc.  It is very time consuming and has been, at times, eye opening, and at other times, confusing.  I know the Spirit does not work exactly the same way in everyone, but I am curious to know how long, or how many years it took you to understand even the basic truths you teach.  I mean there had to come a point where you felt it was time to share these truths and that you stood firmly on them that they were the truth.
    Part of me still doubts things that you write about.  I feel sick inside about it all.  Then I think, "Well, if Ray IS right, then I am just not chosen right now."  And that sounds kind of silly to me.  I know God is, and that Jesus Christ died for me and to cleanse me from my wickedness.  Everything you write about-well-I am trying to search it out for myself.  And that takes much time and effort-it will, in essence, take years to study.  I look forward to the studying-I want to know THE truth and have been searching for it for many months now.
My question is, how does one deal with loved ones on these issues.  I have thought about this for a while.  If what you are teaching is right, it goes against everything I have been taught and everything everyone I love believes.  I know there are verses that talk about "hating" those you love, or leaving all behind and following Christ.  Does this mean that I walk out on my loved ones who do not think as I do.  I do not believe that is actually what I should do, but I guess I am just struggling with the right things to do.  I have begun to discuss these things with my husband and he is very open to discussion, although he is not in agreement with anything I have shown him from God's word.  He is a good man, and a loving husband and father.  If I came to the point that I knew it was time to leave our church-my husband would not exactly be thrilled to hear that as we have been deeply involved with the chu rch for so long now.  My husband is a "gung-ho" church person, if you will.  Do I continue to attend our church in order to be in submission to him, even though I felt like the church was full of rottenness prettied up by Sunday clothes, smiles, and candy coated speech?
If I submit to my husband, whom I love dearly, and remain involved in our church, am I wrong?  What is the right thing to do here as you are often quoting from the Word that we must come out of Babylon, the whore.  Does that mean a literal leaving the church, or just leaving the whole idea of man's ways in the church, even though still in it physically-leaving spiritually.
    I can't even imagine trying to explain to anyone in my church the things I am reading on your site.  They would probably think I was "off my rocker."  I love the people in my church, but I do not think I could talk to any of them about this stuff-not even my pastor.  Which is where my doubts are coming from.  I know nothing of you-and you are the ONLY one I have even heard teaching these things.  Yet there are many who disagree with you and who would call you a heretic of the worst kind.  And I am certainly not as studied as you are to be able to point to all of the scripture that you do. 
    I must admit, however, that you use much scripture-so much so that I am able to take the references right off your site and do an in depth study on the very things that you are speaking of.  This is when doubt begins to melt away-although there are only a few things that I have gotten to, as it is time consuming!!  My doubts are slowly disappearing concerning the salvation of all and the meaning of the word hell.  I still do not understand the discussion on the word "aion" and all words associated with it.  That is a bit tougher.  Hell was quite easy to understand because my good ole KJV and my Strong's proves quite simply that it just means the grave.  I am thinking about getting a Concordant Literal New testament-I only have three translations of the Bible at this point.
I just want to thank you for you hard work.  I admit I still struggle, but I am honestly seeking the truth-and God is working!  Blessings to you!  Any comments you have, or scripture you can share would be of great help!  Thank you!
In His love

Dear Beth:
Don't try to convert anyone. Be the best wife, mother, and friend that anyone could have, and THAT is the best thing that you and everyone else can do (unless you are a man, then, of course, the best husband, etc.,).  You will never, ever, ever win someone over by a clever argument with the Scriptures. There are two reason why I do this and you shouldn't:  [1] I am being a witness AGAINST all the heretics that attack me and the Truths of God, and [2] my answers to their foolish and unscriptural arguments are a great teaching tool for all those who read our site and who visit our Forum.
But in my private life, I do not try to convert, convince, change, etc., my neighbors and acquaintences.  I will tell them the truth about God and the Scriptures, but I do not make a pest of myself. If and when people ask you, give them only as much as then need and are willing to accept. If they desire more, they will come back.
I would suggest you buy a Emphasized Bible by Joseph Rotherham. It is on a par with the Concordant Version, and it is Old and New in one volume, plus you can find it at any large Bible Book Store, and it will probably be considerably less expensive.
Don't study to be a scholar. Just learn what you need to know. Learn it until you know it and believe it, not so that you can win a debate in a room full of theologians.  Things like "aion/aionios" will become clear after much study. "Free will" may also take awhile. Some fight it for years before they accept it. I personally immediately accepted it when I saw it and I was delighted to know it, as I was when I learned of the salvation of all.  I find it hard to understand why so many hundreds email me and still think that they find Scriptures that contradict the free will/free choice heresy. Anyway, don't become discouraged.
You can certainly accomodate your husband's desire as much as is possible without partaking of his religion with him. I can certainly sit in a church and listen to a minister teach his heresy, without sinning. I would have no reason, however, to do this on a regular basis.  Just give it time. "Don't be righteous over much" (Ecc. 7:16).  God will direct your path. And who knows whether God will not begin to open your husband's mind in the future.
God be with you,
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