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Author Topic: Wrong  (Read 2125 times)

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« on: November 29, 2006, 06:06:28 PM »

I see that you want to present your view of the bible, and thats ok in a sense, but the information you are giving is not only wrong, but the bible says that those who preach will be held accountable for what they preach. I hope not many people have visited your site for the fact that you are leading people away from the truth. I want to warn you on behalf of God to stop this religious and ridiculous teaching and turn back to the truth about Christ. Instead of searching the bible to try and disprove what it say about certain things, you need to embrace what bible says. The bible is the word of God and if you dont believe it, than you dont really believe in God. You are calling him a liar by saying you only believe some of what the bible says. Turn back to the truth. I am not writing this to bash you; I am writing you this in order to sh ow you the error of your ways. The bible tells us to keep each other accountable, and to rebuke your brother when you see that he needs correction. I can only tell you that you will see a better life for yourself and the people that you disciple, if you are making disciples, if you would just embrace the truth. What you are telling these people is not the truth and you will be held accountable by God if you continue. Please respond back to me. I would like to talk more with you about how you came to these teaching and why you realy believe them. My e-mail is ***.com. I welcome you to talk with me anytime you can. Thank you. I will pray for you.

Dear William:

Here is how I will talk with you:  [1] QUOTE ONE STATMENT of mine from any paper on our site, and [2] cite TWO SCRIPTURES that prove my statement wrong.  Do this, and I will then "talk with you."

God be with you,


PS   All I want to see in your next email is:  ONE QUOTE & TWO SCRIPTURES, and absolutely nothing else.  If you can't or won't do this, then don't waste my time, for I will not respond.
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