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Author Topic: Ray is Disturbed  (Read 2021 times)

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Ray is Disturbed
« on: November 29, 2006, 06:08:13 PM »

You are a disturbed individual seeking attention by perverting God's word. You need to pray and get right with God so that your mess
will not be inflicted upon others.
God does not engage himself in your madness regarding universalism. Sorry and your doctrine are corrupt. There is a Hell
for sinners who reject Jesus the Christ. All sinners are not going to be in the presence of a holy God...regardless of your senseless
Only the righteous will see God...not any and every sinner who has trampled under foot the Blood of the Lamb. are involved in heresy and you need to repent.

    Dear Lafe:
    I don't teach what you suggest "OK I am take me into your kingdom...." so why do you suggest that I teach such nonsense?  If you continue to do it it will make you "a LIAR," and as you probably know, "all liars" will find their place in the lake of fire, and so even you will find out that God WILL NOT "Take you as you are." It isn't me that you hate, Lafe, it is God's Word that you hate, but it makes you feel better to take it out on me. That's okay....I don't mind: most of my enemies who hate me are Christians.
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