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Author Topic: Change Mind?  (Read 5148 times)

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Change Mind?
« on: December 01, 2006, 08:21:16 PM »

> Dear Ray,
> I have enjoyed your website immensely. You are a good teacher and I visit
> quite frequently. I have a question. I'm still confused about God not
> changing His mind. I read an e-mail where you reference Gen. 32:14 about
> Moses asking God to not killl the Israelites. But I'm still not clear on
> why that wasn't an example of of God changing His mind to do something He
> said He would do. Also, what about the man (I think it was Hezekiah) who
> was told he would die, but then someone prayed for him and God granted him
> more years on his life? I know you get a slew of e-mail, if there is an
> answer to this on the forum, please let me know and I'll hunt for it.
> Thank you and Peace be with you,
> Hadassa

Dear Dadassa:

You are ASSUMING that when God says He will do one thing because of something, that if He later does not do that one thing because something HAS CHANGED, that this is proof that GOD CHANGED HIS MIND.  That is nonsense. It only appears to you that God has changed His mind because you have not yet learned, neither do you believe that "God Who...calls those things which be NOT as who they WERE" (Rom. 4:17), and "[God] declaring the END from the BEGINNING...." (Isa. 46:10).

If when God told Moses that He would destroy Israel, He really thought THAT HE WOULD destroy Israel, then He would have PROVED HIS OWN SELF TO BE WRONG, in that He did NOT know the beginning [I WILL destroy Israel] from the end [I will NOT destroy Israel]. Now can you see the truth that God has never CHANGED HIS MIND, because, "I [God] change NOT" (Malichi 3:6), and because God never sins, God never lies, God never makes a mistake, and God's purpose is always perfect and never can be improved upon.

God be with you,

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