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Author Topic: Gays  (Read 2409 times)

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« on: December 02, 2006, 12:44:22 PM »

Dearest Ray,
I read your past emails on homosexuality or being gay.  I have battled as to why its such a bad thing in the first place to others.  My being gay is not affecting anyone else.  Every in Christiandom is trying to change us (gays) instead of working on themselves.  Don't you agree?
When I really think back to my childhood I can remember being different or gay as far back as my memory serves.  I have also grown up asking the Lord over and over again throughout my life "Change Me, Here I Am Lord Change Me!"  Here I am at 37 and he still has not changed me after many years of people laying hands on me asking me to be delivered, trying to cast out demons, visiting phycologists and Christian couselors like Exodus International asking them to help me because God desires that I be straight.  It became this spiral downward mess that put me further and further into a state of depression.  And we wonder why the gay and lesbian community has such a high suicide rate.  The church has rejected them, their families have rejected them and they are taught that they will burn in Hell Fire for all eternity so they feel that God has rejected them.  That hurts!  Where does a gay man or woman put their foundation if this is w hat is being taught?  But I am have come to like me.  I don't consider myself someone who desires sex.  That is the last things that I want.  I have a boyfriend and I love him dearly.  But we don't base our relationship on sex, we base it on an expression of how we feel but that expression isn't planned it just happens.
I do have a very intimate relationship with our Father.  I search his Word out to the max and learn different things that enlighten me daily.  But I can't see why God would reject me as everyone says he does.  I love Him with all my heart and so does my boyfriend.  We get together and sometimes just worship Him.  "Where two or more are gathered together in My name there am I in the mist of them".  When I say that getting together I don't mean sex or anything of the natural way.  We try and worship Him in spirit.  Its awesome.  Is all this meaning that God isn't there when we get together?  Our prayers are answered.
I guess my biggest question is this:  How come I am still gay?  If He can make the universal and all that we know by speaking it into exsistance then why not speak me straight.  I am a yeilding vessel. Does this mean that just as God used Pharoah he also uses me?  I love the Lord and I SHARE my relationship with Him.  I tell him initimate things and I also talk all my problems out with Him.  "Cast all your cares upon me for I careth for you!"  Please don't pop my bubble and tell me there is no change in store for me.  I am so greatful for your teaching on the fact that eventually we will all be with Him.  That is my biggest hope. . . that one day I (even as a gay man) will get to see the Lord walk in the cool of the day.  All I want is more and more of Him!
A Gay Christian,

Dear Ryan:
The subject of homosexuality is too big for an email. However, I have received so many
inquiries regarding this subject, that I will write a full article on it in the future. I will present you with Scriptural answers you have never been shown before.
God be with you,
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