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Author Topic: Thank You  (Read 1648 times)

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Thank You
« on: December 03, 2006, 01:06:01 PM »

> Dear Ray,
> Thank you very much for your reply .
> I read the emails which someone sent to you . That person is pastor,
> and he said, he cursed your website . Ray, how can someone curse
> person whom God has caled to do His work . You are like Abraham
> (Genesis chp.12 : 1-3, ), so any weapon formed against you, and your
> websit will never stand . Continue and do good work of the Lord God .
> In 1989, I left my country Ghana to Germany, and Netherlands . In
> Netherlands is the place the Lrd God called me into His vinyand to
> preached His word in this harvest time . When I arrived Ghana, one of
> my christian who is the citizen of Holland linked me to Good Message
> Foundation ( , and through their help, I already
> spread "the death of the earthly churches" all over Ghana . I have
> visited Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nig eria, and Guinea with
> the gospel, and I am still visiting villages, and towns, and sharing
> the dead of the church message to believers and unbelievers. Noah
> preached 120 years and warn many people cocerning the end time . The
> samething I am doing in this end time . If the church is dead, it
> means there is no water baptism, the Lord supper, and any other
> ceremonial law and others binding christians .
> I have printed out "What Church Jesus Build" teaching from your
> website , I am stuying it. Through what I have studied so far, I have
> seen that , before Jesus Christ was born, the church of I srael, and
> Jewish church was existed , but Jesus prophesy that He will built His
> church (Matthew 16:18) . In this our time, every true christian is in
> Christ Jesus (John 4:32), not in the earthly church building where
> many people worship every Sunday.
> In Gh ana here, I worship with few believers in a small place . I have
> told them that we are not church , our aim is Bible Study. After Bible
> Study , we pray and go to our various home. I and my wife do not
> correct tithe from anyone visite our Bible study meeting. We do not
> baptise, and other ceremonial law .
> I have attached I, and my family's and the fellowship's photo with
> this email to see . If you have God's message you are teaching on
> audio cassetteor video or adio cd, try and post them to me , I will
> like to hear more meesage .
> As I have told you . I am a Ghanaian, and living in the second largest
> town . Ghana is a small country in the West Africa, and it is covered
> by false pastors, reverends, and prophets . On our local FM Radios,
> they always preach prousperity, like if you come and I pray for you ,
> and you want to travell to USA . Brithain, you c an go. In the Bible,
> where did Jesus Christ , or the Apostles preach in that way. They
> preached only salvation message to the people, not the worldly things.
> One of the prphets said God has gave him a speacil power to arest
> witch crafts and other eveil sprits . May God have mercy, and open
> their eyes of search preachers.
> Romans chp. 9:20.
> Bro. Kwabena

Dear Brother Kwabena:
Good to hear from you again. As you can tell I am a little behind in answering emails. I am glad that you are making good progress in teaching the Gospel.  I remember your picture from last time.
I don't have tapes or CD's to send out, but we have started to post some of my Home Bible studies on our Forum so that you can listen to them.  Be sure to listen to this Sunday's study:  "WHEN THE TOWERS FALL."  I think that it will be a real revelation to many people. Some people commented on the Towes of the World Trade Center as it might relate to Bible Prophecy, but most discounted it as not being relevant for various human reasonings.  I taught on this at a Conference after 9/11, but I have never made my teaching public on our site. This we will now do.
Anyway, God be with you, Kwabena, until next time.

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