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Author Topic: Buddist or Others  (Read 3711 times)

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Buddist or Others
« on: December 04, 2006, 09:28:12 AM »

> Hi Ray,
> Thank you for putting such valualble thoughts. I have gained a lot from
> reading your sites and these articles helped me to anwer those questions
> that in my heart for so long. However, I still got one question I am no
> sure if you wrote it somwhere in the site, but my qestion is that if God
> will save all the man kind, which i belive too, why does it matter if you
> are a christian or a buddist, and if we hold this as the belif how this
> could lead other unbelivers to Christ?
> Regards,
> Tina

    Dear Tima:

    It would help you tremendously if you were to read the material on our site.

    I realize that you state these articles have helped you a lot, but when I hear you

    ask your questions, I wonder. Apparently hundreds and thousands of people

    believe that I have stated somewhere that God will save all humanity IN THIS


    I assure you that I have never stated such nonsence neither do the Scriptures

    teach it. No, of course, Buddists do not lead people to Christ. Christ leads people

    to Christ.after the Father draws them. In most cases these will not happen in

    this life, but in the resurrection to Judgment.

    God be with you,

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