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Author Topic: Eternity?  (Read 1810 times)

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« on: December 04, 2006, 09:29:13 AM »

> Dear Ray
> I must admit that your teaching has made me look at the scripture from a
> totaly different view.
> I appreciate the fact that backup your statements with scripture it shows
> that u research before
> you make a statement. I have a question for you on the Lake of Fire Part
> VI. In one of the headings
> "First the physical then the spiritual", you quote 1Cor. 15:42-46. Could
> please explain verse 47&48
> with reggard to which group of people belong to the earth, and which group
> belong to heaven, and
> whether the group belonging to the earth are destined for the firery lake
> for all eternaty?
> Thanks
> Gregory

Dear Gregory:
It is times like this that I am almost speechless.  You ask, "...whether the group
belonging to the ear are destined for he fiery lake FOR ALL ETERNITY?" and
that you are asking this in reference to something you read in Installment 6 of my
Lake of Fire series.
Gregory, in Installments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, BEFORE you ever get to Installment 6,
I have not five, not ten, not fifty, but ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR
references to "eternal" and "eternity," in which I show that NO ONE will ever be
tortured in fire for all eternity and that this is a damnable doctrineof the heretic
Christian theologians.  Here is just one example of what I teach near the top of the
first page, in the very first Installment:

"In our journey we will clearly see that these verses are NOT to be taken literally, and they do NOT represent a place called hell, and God will NOT torture anyone for all eternity."

God be with you,

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