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Author Topic: Question  (Read 6294 times)

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« on: December 04, 2006, 10:12:20 PM »

> Hi Ray,
> I have a question that I have not found addressed and answered on your
> website. If ALL of
> Rev. is symbolic, is the 1000 year period of Christ's reign (Kingdom) on
> earth also symbolic and what about the 100 year period to follow where Satan
> is released from his "bottomless pit" for a time.
> I go to your site every day to read and learn and I always find something I
> didn't see before, which
> fills me with even greater desire to be not only "called" but "chosen".
> You and your family are always in my heart and prayers.
> Sue

Dear Sue:
I am afraid that you do what we all do at some time or another, and that is
to assume that the Scriptures say things that they don't.
Technically, nowhere does it actually say that Jesus will reign for a thousand
years, althought it can be deduced, and yes, it certainly is symbolic.
As as for the 100 year where you suggest that Satan is loosed, the Scriptures
absolutely do not defend such a "100 year" period. But yes, the "little season," is also
symbolic.  I will be writing on these subject in the future.
God be with you,
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