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Author Topic: Despise the word of God  (Read 5419 times)

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Despise the word of God
« on: December 04, 2006, 10:15:13 PM »

    Ray, I stopped tithing after I studied and found that tithing is not for us, the New Testament Believers. While maintaining my position on tithing. Several guest ministeres have came and spoke against those that do not pay tithes. My Pastor didnt tell them what was going on in the church, can you explan this? This position that Ive taken has cost me alot, It has completely separated my family who believes that I'm in error of the scriptures. It has cost me public embarrassment in the church that I attend. I feel like that God has left me sometimes. I offten blame God for people being confused, It seems that God could just open up understanding with this truth, but no it seems that He just remains quiet. I want to stand up for the truth of God word, It would help even the more, as it was in the Old Testament when the prophets spoke, God swiftly confirmed his word by them.  I look to here from you so on.

    Dear Larry:
    Everyone looks forward to "hearing from me SOON."  Sorry, but I can't usually do that.
    Larry, you have got to stop thinking that God is a man, or thinks like a man, or is as weak and stupid as a man.  God DOESN'T WANT PEOPLE TO CLEARLY SEE WHAT HE IS DOING.
    God operates in MYSTERIES.  He teaches in PARABLES.  He prophesies in METAPHORS AND ALLEGORIES.  He writes whole books in SYMBOLS.  God is not trying to save this world now. He is not trying to teach the world His truths now. If you think so, then you will be deeply frustrated.
    God's whole plan and purpose is a giant ENIGMA to mankind, and especially this is true for the Church!.  This is the reason WHY people persecute you when you start to obey God. People don't LIKE God: people "despise the Word of God."  If you will read the material on our site a couple of times, you will begin to see these things more clearly.
    God be with you,

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